Best Practices For Instagram

Instagram Business Blog has suggested that  a content strategy which is built with unique content that audiences cannot view elsewhere such as Behind the scenes and Sneak Previews as can be seen from the TopShop update for LFW2015, generates greater engagement.


In addition to creating buzz with unique content, Instagram also lets you tell your Brands’ story visually, while engaging audiences.

Hootsuite recommends treating your brand’s Instagram like a lifestyle magazine. In most cases the updates you share are going to be seen by the audience in stages and the brand story needs to be told with images and style that reverberates with the audience. The Brand persona that you have used to build your social media strategy can be used for Instagram.


  • Understand your brand’s audience.
  • Create a theme for your content and be consistent. Constant product placement is not a theme.
  • Take lots of photographs and make them aesthetically pleasing and creative.
  • Give your followers a reason to want to follow your brand in Instagram.
  • Spread out posts like you would any other network. Post once or twice a day.
  • Engage with your followers. Comment. Follow back. Like things. Be human.
  • Tell an interesting brand story through your images and captions.

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Source: Hootsuite