Promoting Your Business With Facebook Native Video Could Increase Reach By 135 pc

Facebook Native video has the highest organic reach as reported by Social Bakers. With 27 percent of all videos being promoted, compared to 17 percent of photos – Video is more important in reaching the audience.  This implies that your business can increase  organic reach by 135 percent , on average, when you post a video instead of a photo.

Facebook Video




Video works effectively as it is auto-play with no sound disturbing the user, views are displayed telling the user about the popularity of the video, and at the same time publishers’ or businesses’ can add a call to action with the post and get deeper video analytics to understand the success of their video.


For  business looking at promoting products organically, Promoted posts with video may work well to create awareness for your brand or products with a custom audience targeting. Creating a Custom audience for your business can be done by retargeting your site visitors or simply uploading your email list to Ads Manager or Power Editor. Facebook for Business offer premium video ads that allow businesses’ to pay for premium video ads that appear in the News Feed of the user like promoted video posts.

Facebook Video content can be used to create posts that engage audiences for different marketing objectives:

Brand Awareness

If you are looking at creating awareness for your brand or business, a video post on Facebook featuring your products and the core benefits of your product or business can help educate the audience and create awareness for your products.


If you have a large number of fans and followers on Facebook then a promoted video featuring the newest offers and contest can help engage audiences. Social Media Examiner has shared ideas for creating and sharing video on Facebook to engage users. In addition to promoting Video Content, you can post a Featured Video that appears above the About Section which can be the video featuring your key business or customer value proposition. In the example below Red Bull’s video details the description in the about section #givesyouwings.

An interesting way to create engagement is to feature content that requires detail such as Behind The Scenes and can be showcased to reflect quality and at the same time create a unique bond.

To create Engagement, it is important to understand the type of content your audience enjoys. here is an example of a post that Washington Post has used effectively to refresh readers.

Increase Referrals

Increasing Referrals for your business, can take place with social proof, which is fans and audience sharing your post or with an incentive that requires audience to share post and get an incentive linked to it. An alternative to referrals that are linked to monetary incentive can be introducing content linked to an existing rewards program.


Event Sponsorships

Business and Brands that follow Event Sponsorships as a strategy to engage audience can use video effectively as shown in the GoPro posts engaging users with Video Content that gives a brief preview into the larger event posted on the video site, with updates from the event that bolster the engagement.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Brands that wish to create buzz during events that are telecast to a larger audience can also go for sponsoring an event or presenting snippets from the event or creating a branded property as seen in the example below where AT&T used Facebook Video by sponsoring the Music Moment at the Oscars.


Seasonal Offers and Promotions

Promoting your business or product linked to an occasion can help you get views and recall for your brand with the content that is displayed in the right context with a timeline or a countdown to the event.

Events Based Programs

If your business is looking at promoting products linked to a bigger event, such as Super Bowl then a Video which gets through your offer as well as gets audiences to participate with a simple like can help you create awareness and generate fan engagement.

Offers and Contests

Promote your offers and contests with video posts. In an example American Express has posted a video of the offer that gives a Cash Back linked to the restaurant week and at the same time get more sign-ups with an offers app with a unique Hashtag #EatUp which can build on the conversation for the event.


Influencer Marketing

A way to create engagement with Video in addition to running offers and contest with hashtags is to create a buzz for your brand with Influencer Marketing. The post below gives a round-up of how brands and business can be featured in an influencer post.

Post Your Video Commercial

Do not forget to post your brand commercial on Facebook.