Six Stellar Marketing Tips For Your Facebook Video Content

Facebook Video has engaged audiences with number of native videos posted on Facebook being higher than YouTube videos posted based on the results shared by Social Bakers for 180,000 Facebook video posts across 20,000 Facebook pages owned by brands, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment companies.

Video Posts

Create a Visual Style for Sharing Video Content on Facebook.

An example from Kraft Foods elaborates on how you can create a Visual Style for your branded video content while creating a greater recall for your products. A stylized font presentation combined with the logo in Typeface creates a greater visual impact. A similar guideline for treatment of Visual imagery and product shots can help you achieve brand goals for Branded Video Content with consistent quality.

Red Bull has video content that highlights events with extreme stunts that engage viewers with the unexpected events with content that has similar visual treatment with panoramic landscapes and imagery.

Create Video linked to your Brand Icons or mnemonics as can be seen in MnMs video that adds a level of familiarity with the brand mnemonic.

Create a Branded property such as Video of The Day by GoPro.

Create a Branded Icon featuring your brand logo or name that can be used in the first and the last screenshot of your content.

Add a Call To Action in your Video or at the end of the video that takes the viewer to the website where you have the offers and the deals so that the viewer can complete the purchase.

Add Keywords in your post that make the Facebook Audience easier to find your video content. This could be done by adding the Hashtags that appear in the Users’ News Feed for a branded search or a category that you are associated with.