Video Content Seen As Most Trusted Source of Brand Content

According to research by Bright Cove, Video Content is the most trusted source of content and at the same time found it more appealing and also they were most likely to share video content. The Research was carried out among 2000 consumers globally;

79 percent of consumers favor digital content over traditional

More than one in ten,12 percent, prefer to consume content from brands on their smartphone, tablet or mobile application.

24 percent of the consumers surveyed said video is their ‘most trusted’ source of brand content. Explaining their choice, 44 percent said video was more ‘appealing’ to them, while engaging 28 percent, 29 percent found it authentic and 10 percent found it more shareable.

Here are  Marketing essentials to use Video in Your Brands’ Digital strategy:

  1. Use Video in Your Email marketing to generate Interest in Your products.
  2. Video can be used throughout the customer journey write from engagement to decision-making stages.

  3. Map the Video content to the stage of customer Journey you will like the user to view it at.

  4. Use Video Contest in Social Media to engage your audience.

  5. Create a Video Portal on your Brand Site or Social Media Page/Profile that lets users view your Brand Content.


One of the more successful case studies for Video in content marketing is BuzzFeed where Video is views are higher than those of Television.

According to LiveFyre, Buzzfeed’s reach now trumps that of Bravo, MTV and Comedy Central — rivalling the likes of AMC, FX and CW. And if you look at just millennials, Buzzfeed surpasses even the major networks, NBC and CBS.The explosion of online video, animated GIFs and other new digital formats presents a host of new opportunities for marketers.

Source: BrightCove