Facebook Advertising Creative Tactics

ProductadFacebook ads creative that are seen as effective and bring audiences back to your website or business have five traits in common. According to Adroll, a leader in retargeting on Social media Sites and platforms the ads that perform better than others these five traits are:

  1. Ads that get your attention.
  2. Ads that retain your attention.

  3. Trigger a Response or desired action.

  4. Are Memorable

  5. Achieve Campaign Objectives

Steps to creating an Effective  Advertising Creative 

Define Your Campaign Objective

amazonBegin with defining your campaign objective.The campaign objective could vary from building awareness to increasing conversions or obtaining referrals post-purchase. To define the campaign objective you need to understand the stage that your retargeted customer base is in the customer journey funnel.

As important as it is to have an ad that gets the audience’ attention, the copy that is used in the ad should be concise, interesting relevant and direct. If you are not using a direct call to action ensure that you go with copy that has a link to your sites’ desired landing page with a clear description of the product and the benefits.

If you want help in identifying the stage at which your customer is in the buyer journey you could use the funnel below as a guide for creating your audience list prior to launching the campaign.

Customer Journey

Getting the Creative Right

To be able to get the creative that gets noticed and bring in conversions here are some guidelines that you could follow:

Consider the ad composition, to ensure that the image and text are following the right visual weights to make for an appealing ad visual. this can be achieved by using images that are animated or are dramatic to get noticed.

In addition to checking on the composition the color and the imagery have to be synchronized to create an attention grabbing ad creative.



Branded Ads and Mobile Ad Units perform better

If you are considering running an ad then go with the mention of your branded ad as they seem to perform better than the generic ones. The Mobile ad unit 325 X 80 is the clear winner with the highest conversion rates.



Sequencing of Creatives can bring in better results.

If you are running product ads to highlight different product features and benefits then sequencing your creative can keep the audience engaged and is likely to lead to better conversions as one of the leading reasons why the CTRs go down is the creative fatigue for a product.


 Check-list to Guide Your Creative Process

  1. is the Logo of your Brand placed Prominently.

  2. Does the Ad visual grab and retain the interest of the audience.

  3. Is the weight of imagery and text in the right proportion.

  4. Does your ad have a Call-To-Action.

  5. Do you have a creative optimized for Mobile

  6. Are the Ads going to be sequenced through the customer journey

  7. Is the creative linking to the right offer with a triggered response post purchase or sign-ups.