Twitter Engagement Study for Interbrand’s Best Global Brands

According to a Twitter Study for the Global Brands featured in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands, more than 90 percent of Brands tweeted more than once a day. Only 6 percent of brands tweeted more than ten times a day.

The study looks at more than 38,000 brand Tweets and over 6 million engagements across categories.

The key findings from the Twitter Engagement Study are:

Visual content works. Photos inspired 57 percent of all engagement with Brand Tweets—a 6 percent increase from the previous quarter

Tweet Activity


Tweets with links bring in the highest engagement after Tweets with photos. The number of links tweeted by brands increased 72% from Q4 2013 to Q4 2014


Tweets with hashtags drive more engagement than Tweets without them.

Tweets with Hashtags

Media Companies lead the engagement with large fan and follower base that brings in retweets, replies and favoriting of Tweets.


Detailed Break-down of The Twitter Engagement For the Study.




Source: Simply Measured