Smartwatch Sales Likely To Hit 21.5 Million

InternetThe Smartwatch market, is expected  to grow massively, boosted also by a growing sub-segment of independent devices with include a SIM card to connect directly to cellular networks.  In addition the category growth for wearables  is likely to be driven by more fashionable designed devices  or sensors included in jewelry, which will be more appealing to female consumers – an important segment which has remained almost untapped so far.

 According to a research report published, nearly a third of the CMOs and Senior Marketers believe that the wearable technology will have the biggest impact.

According to a sales forecast report by GfK, among the Wearables the Smartwatches are likely to see a boost in growth increasing to 26.1 Million units in 2015. Though the growth is predominantly riding on the Smartwatch category adoption, according to research the wearable technology ownership will double by 2015—increasing from 7 percent in 2014 to 14 percent by 2015.

  • 17.6 million smartwatches and health and fitness trackers (HFT) bought worldwide last year
  • HFT accounted for 77 percent of overall volume sold at 13.5 Million Units
  • GfK predicts smartwatch sales will overtake HFT sales in 2015

The Key barriers to adoption of Wearables are Price and Lack of Perceived value which constitutes almost 50 percent of consumers. The adoption of Wearables technology will increase with brands addressing the key concerns about the perceived value, which constitutes about 30 percent of consumers, the  price will remain a concern for 26 percent of the consumers.

The Sales of Health and Fitness Trackers were riding on the affordability, though with the features that Apple Watch is likely to bring the Smartwatch will move beyond Health and activity monitoring to being a more personalized phone with a seamless user interface, creating a greater perceived value.The Apple Watch App UI presents consumers a new way to interact and engage with the apps and functions of the watch. Brands have clearly seen the opportunity and designed apps to engage users with apps to enhance the user experience.

Here are eight ways you could experience your Apple Watch:

Feel Your Loved One’s Heartbeat

The Apple Watch’s activity sensors include a heart rate monitor. This, combined with haptic feedback and inter-device near-field communication, allows Apple’s smartwatch to measure the heartbeat of its wearer and then send that info to another wearer’s watch, where it displays through an image, a sound, and a gentle haptic throb.

Read and Dismiss Messages Without Even a Touch

Motion and proximity sensors inside the Apple Watch make the process of checking messages easier than ever. After sound or pulse notifications alert the wearer to a new message, the message displays automatically when the user raises the watch-wearing arm. Lower the arm, and the Apple Watch automatically dismisses the message without the need to tap, squeeze, or press anything at all.

Anticipate Answers to Your Questions

When a message comes in asking the wearer to choose between a few options, an innovative text analysis feature provides a custom selection menu derived from the message itself. For example, if a friend texts, “Would you rather go for pizza or burritos?” The Apple Watch presents “pizza” and “burritos” in a quick-reply menu for easy, single-tap replies, without the need to type or dictate anything.

Dole Out Dollars

The Apple Watch incorporates Apple Pay functionality, which means wearers no longer have to access their wallets, iPhones, or iPads at checkout counters. Instead, a simple tap of the watch completes the payment. Wearers also can avoid frustration when finicky vending machines reject crumpled dollar bills because hundreds of thousands of machines now accept Apple Pay. Tasty snacks are just a tap away.

Fly to the Moon and Beyond

The Apple Watch offers a wide selection of customizable watch faces. One is called Astronomy, and it displays the Earth with a pin indicating the wearer’s location. With a single tap, the view zooms away from the Earth, through the cosmos, to the moon. Wearers get a view of the current moon phase, which easily adjusts to show the upcoming and recently passed phases. Users can then swipe around to see the real-time positions of all the planets in the solar system.

Fight Cancer and Other Diseases

With the ResearchKit family of apps, disease researchers can receive the biometric info gathered by Apple Watches and smartphones used by volunteers in medical research studies. This quickly and easily provides an ongoing stream of data that researchers can analyze via specialized apps. Participants can control how much and what type of data to share.

Sport a Different Strap Every Day

Apple designed several stylish straps for the Apple Watch, along with an easy mechanism for removing and replacing them. This way, wearers can tailor their look to match different outfits and occasions. Choose from fluoroelastomer watch bands in white, black, pink, blue, or green, for fitness activities, two stainless steel bands with link or Milanese designs for dressy occasions, and a host of luscious leather straps for upscale, everyday wear.

Fend Off Scratches

The Apple Watch’s flexible Retina display is machined from a single crystal of sapphire, which is the second hardest material after diamond. This makes the screen highly resistant to scratches, so wearers need not fret when mountain biking through brush, hitting the basketball court on lunch break, or plunging a hand into a purse full of keys, coins, and pens.

According to the blog post on 9to5 Mac, iOS 8.2 with app will be available from today and the Apple Watch will be officially launched on April 24th in 9 countries, and preorders start on April 10th. To get a preview of the Companion App, you can update your iOS device to iOS 8.2 and check out the companion app.The Apple Watch app will be similar to both the App Store app and Tips app, featuring Apple Watch apps and how-to tutorials, while allowing you to manage the Apple Watch.The update includes the new Fitness app which interfaces with the Apple Watch’s workout capabilities.