Remarketing With Video Advertising

Twitter Player Card allows businesses to use video or audio within their tweets. The advertiser or the business can upload a link or upload a  video or audio player to the Tweet so that it will play easily for the person that is viewing it. This card makes it simple for people to view or hear the information and the Ad.

The Tweet can then be promoted with Tailored Audiences to reach the customers who have shown interest in your product or business. 

The retailer may then use this list of Twitter ID’s to create a tailored audience through an ads partner, or use Promoted TweetsPromoted Trends or a Promoted Account and engage the site visitors  with Video Advertising.

Web suite

To create an experience for the Targeted customers, you can further optimize conversions by customizing the Landing Page, as seen for Gap where the Video on the landing page is backed by the Product Feed that allows users to shop the look.


Remarketing On YouTube

YouTube offers a number of Ad Formats for advertisers, and AdWords has recommended following steps to increase conversion with remarketing and setting AdWords campaigns for your video.

Within AdWords for video, you can generate video remarketing lists that include viewers who have done one of the following actions:

  • Interacted with or viewed your YouTube videos.
  • Subscribed to, or unsubscribed from your channel.
  • Viewed your TrueView in-stream ads.
  • Visited your channel.

You can then use these lists in your targeting settings for new or existing video campaigns. Manage your lists anytime within the Targets tab in AdWords for video.

According to Reel SEO ““Shop-a-lot” customers have a high impression value because they visit your site and purchase more frequently than any other segment of customer, such as first-time buyers or non-customers. Therefore, a 15-second ad is enough to re-engage the repeat customer, either by showcasing the last product viewed or a related item of a recent purchase”.

Non Disruptive Native Advertising on Tumblr.

Tumblr Video Sponsored Posts

On Tumblr. Sponsored Video Posts are just like the Sponsored Posts, except that they feature Tumblr.’s native video player, and are sold on a Cost Per View basis. Tumblr. offers deep analytics for advertisers and offer undisputed viewers’ attention with autoplay ads that are nondisruptive and at the same time build awareness with continuous looping. On the web, videos pop-out and follow users as they scroll offering a video experience like no other.

Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook Video Advertising works for Remarketing with Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences with a clear Call-To-Action.

This is how your video ad appears in the mobile News Feed and in the desktop News Feed. According to Social Media Examiner, Facebook Remarketing helps the business lower Cost per Click, Drive Conversions, Expand the Campaign Reach and provide Social Proof.