Five Tactics To Win With Loyalty Program In Apps


Target has recently launched a loyalty program with its “Brick and Mobile” strategy, in an App Red Perks that rewards you for earning Loyalty points linked to a purchase, upon scanning a Barcode. According to mobile Commerce Daily, The program is being tested  in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and is available by invitation only.The unique feature of the app is that the user earns 10 points for every dollar spend .Upon reaching a 5000 point threshold the user can avail a 5 percent discount on the next purchase. Redperks is a Loyalty feature that rewards customers upon achieve a certain threshold level thereby driving Loyalty for the store and offering a cash discount as opposed to the store merchandise.

Dunkin’s Gifting and Mobile app has crossed the 10 Million download benchmark for its app for rewards that features the ability for members to share their loyalty rewards with anyone via email from the app. Users can also sign up for auto-recharge directly through the Dunkin’ app. DD Perks is another app that rewards customers and has  achieved 2 Million downloads.

The DD Perks program has boosted the mobile strategy with new levels of speed and convenience. The interesting part of the program is that it starts the customers with a certain level of rewards and a free coupon, while creating perks along the way such as members’ birthday and accumulation of rewards points.


Seven Rewards

7-Rewards, works at a simpler level offering rewards frequently.

According to a press release, every time a customer purchases a cup, the cashier will scan the barcode in the app, and a “punch” will automatically appear within the app. Each purchase earns a punch that shows up as a star icon in the app. After receiving six punches, or stars, a “You earned a free cup” notification appears in the app. The punchcard process starts over once the free beverage is redeemed. Links to Facebook and Twitter on the app’s home screen let the user tell their friends about their rewards.

The rewards are easy to redeem with the app calculating the free drink when it is earned, and all drinks count towards getting a free drink.  When the 7-Eleven cashier scans the member’s 7Rewards barcode in the 7-Eleven app for each cup purchased, the app will tabulate the number of cups toward the free one and notify when a 7Rewards drink is earned.

StarbucksStarbucks Rewards Program that is updated for the app users rewards customers frequently based on behavior and abets customers to look forward to reaching a threshold level and earning a status. The Loyalty App for Starbucks has been a tremendous success based on recognition and additional features such as Mobile Ordering Service.

Walgreens with an already successful loyalty program “Balance Rewards”, that connects customers with stores, providing timely information, has integrated rewards program successfully within the app. The core features are creating a bonus rewards sign-up program for app downloads and giving timely offers within a context.

Here are Five Tactics that Make the Loyalty Programs in Apps work better.

Update the points earned with an ability to track rewards and the points required to reach the next level, with an auto-enrollment and auto prompts for the Rewards Program, as seen for 7-Eleven rewards program and Starbucks rewards.

Make it easy for customers to earn rewards by giving an open choice for combining products and giving special rewards for app users as seen in Walgreens program as it allows for an all-encompassing rewards program rather than focusing on one category.

Choose the core rewards point earning tenet that resonates with the Target audience behavior. If your customers are buying a beverage each time they shop, 7-rewards design in Loyalty App will work for your brands or business. On the other hand if the customer behavior is diversified with shopping across categories then a reward earning program across categories is likely to perform the best. Target In-App Loyalty program – RedPerks is unique as it links your rewards to a cash discount redeemable against a purchase, giving the customer a greater flexibility.

Create a program that will enable app users to engage frequently with your app, by rewarding points at each stage of shopper journey to create loyalty, as seen in the DD program that allows customers to share rewards and starts the customers with a certain bonus which makes them feel they are closer to the rewards benchmark. An interesting way to extend Loyalty Programs In Apps would be to include Sales Preview and exclusive member benefits.

Embed the Loyalty Program in your Digital play by optimizing digital channels to encourage customers to sign up for Rewards in Apps by offering a greater choice of rewards and targeted offers that will make them feel privileged and rewarded. the more successful programs are using social media effectively to communicate with the customers and updating them frequently on the rewards status and points earning.