Creating Brand Buzz With Digital Content


According to a report, Brands are increasingly taking to Visual Social Networks. A research where 250 brands were tracked, found, brands posted an average of 9.3 times per week on Instagram and 8.8 times on Facebook in the fourth quarter of 2014. Video ads are known to perform on Instagram with a clear lift in ad recall.

As it is true of digital campaigns, visuals and messaging that is fun gets liked and engaged with, the content strategy that encourages audiences to find out more is seen to be more engaging and fun. Tweets with photos and Videos are known to engage audiences.

Here are some principles for creating a winning creative strategy for the Mobile Retail shopper, shared by John Boiler, Founder of 72andSunny, which can help in guiding your Social Media Campaigns.

Keep it simple. Nobody on a mobile device is looking for a five-click-deep, down-the-rabbit-hole experience. People are looking for a quick hit of information, guidance, inspiration, or fun. Respect folks’ time by feeding their needs. Plan your mobile, experiential doohickey accordingly.

Keep it fun. One advantage of an always-on, always-with-you device is that it can offer a different, complementary experience to what you’d get in a retail store—at exactly the moment you want or need it. There are tons of apps and sites that can help you find an item or a deal. Being able to add a fun twist or element of discovery along the way is the holy grail for these apps.

Keep it going. Before investing in development, think about the shelf life of the platform. Will it offer customers a consistently rewarding experience? Can it scale into a real business or brand driver over time? One-and-done experiences can be expensive and confusing for consumers, ultimately costing you their trust.

Retail Brands seeking engagement with seasonal content look at designing offers, promotions and a content strategy that brings the audience to share and like their posts within every context. What works for Content is to be relevant, and engaging in every context. Creating seasonal content is different from Social Media Campaigns that are used for engaging audiences. The Content Strategy requires going beyond the Creative.

Begin with asking how can we fit our Content in the seasonal context, and at the same time create a greater emotional appeal for our product and an emotional bond. You could target audiences with a specific need with your content or create a relevant and engaging context for your campaign and content. Plan ahead and use relevant keywords to achieve your content marketing goals.

Here are some Easter posts on Facebook and Twitter for Easter Social Media Campaigns.


Digital Content that is viewed as Entertainment can help your campaign go viral with Product placement or Native Video advertising.