Experience Marketing Wows Younger Audiences

Digital Channels are key in influencing the shopper but the enthusiasm for Experience marketing is taking over with the younger audiences looking for better in-store experiences.


The enthusiasm for Shopping with the younger generation does not seem to be ebbing as they see shopping as a social activity. The shoppers are now beginning to seek in-store experiences.

According to GfK’s study of shoppers globally, to study the shopper behavior globally, the  multi-country study was conducted for over 7,000 shoppers in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, the UK and US.  the trend has resonated across young shoppers.

Young people expect to shop in physical stores more in future.

Shopping is considered a social activity – and stores are a crucial ingredient.

Retailers need to focus on offering an experience in-store to differentiate their offer.



As the trend for shopping in-store, remains strong with the younger audience, they seek more information about products before purchase and mobile remains key in the shopper journey.


Shopper trends


Younger audiences seek newer experiences over and above offers with reduced prices and greater choice. The most sought after services and experiences by the younger age group in a boosted sample of 5000 respondents are:

Drones, Customized Products and improved in-store services for finding products.


Source: GfK