Streaming and Branded Digital Properties

Digital Downloads and Streaming for music and Video content has taken over the music sales on Cds, Vinyl, Records and LPs with streaming revenues growing from 21 percent in 2013 to 27 percent of music sales in 2014. TV Viewing  for Millennials is largely on Mobiles with more than 60 percent viewing Video on mobile, presenting advertisers with opportunities for creating newer brand experiences and ways to target audiences.


According to a comScore report, one out of every ten minutes on Mobile is spent on Pandora, and more than 40 percent of time spent on online video for TV viewing and engagement with TV properties is on Mobile.



Data from a report suggests that music brands and bands use Twitter the most for Social Media engagement followed by Instagram, which is growing at a faster rate than Twitter. Facebook remains the preferred network for millennial fan engagement. Universal remains the biggest label with majority of artists with an artist portal that  measures music and video sales, streaming, social media, airplay, merchandising and ticket sales.

IDC  estimates there would be 2.5 billion smart connected devices on the market by 2019, up from 1.8 billion in 2014 where Smartphones will account for over 77 percent of all shipments. According to IDC,” By 2014, smartphones had grown to represent 73.4 percent of total shipment, while PCs had slipped to 16.8percent and tablets had increased to 12.5 percent. By 2019, IDC expects the distribution to be 77.8 percent smartphones, 11.6 percent PCs, and 10.7 percent tablets”.

Phablets are seen as the high growth opportunity area with majority of shipments being targeted at Emerging markets with a price point lower than USD 100.


According to eMarketer, the number of US digital TV viewers will reach 145.3 million in 2017, up from 106.2 million in 2012.


Music streaming over Internet radio and apps is another phenomenon that has created engaged users presenting Brands and advertisers to create a Digital surround for the brand offering a 360 experience for the audience beyond social networks. Pandora is one of the Top 25 Apps according to comScore study with over 51 percent US radio listeners tuning into the app up from 27 percent.


Younger audiences tend to favor the music streaming phenomenon with over 50 percent listening to Pandora. More than 47 percent of all audiences listen to Pandora for more than an hour, according to an eMarketer survey conducted among all internet users.



Digital downloads and streaming now account for 64 percent of total music-industry revenues, while physical music sales have slumped to just 32 percent.


Key Takeaways For Brands and Advertisers

Build the streaming phenomenon in your campaigns. This could range from offering video and music content at the sign up stage to free downloads in your rewards program, as an extension to the brand commercial.

Target audiences with your campaign over social networks to build awareness for your Digital Properties. This could be done with contests and referral programs that reward audiences for promoting Digital streaming offers.

TV, Radio and Social Networks are no longer standalone media or networks but are inter-connected offering brands opportunities to create seamless experience. Build the phenomenon in the buyer journey. Segment your audiences based on the buyer journey and create offers along the points of decision offering rewards linked to video streaming and digital downloads.

Create a singular brand voice to create an experience that resonates with audience. The brand voice could be an extension of your existing social media programs or the band or singers’ or a prominent artists from the streamed video contests which brands could effectively leverage to create the brand voice.

Use location-based services to offer content. As location in retail is important for the in-store shopper Digital Rewards by way of music downloads and music streaming could be offered in-store linked to a certain behavior such as app installs or for promoting trial for a new feature within an app.

Create one of a kind experience for your loyal customers. Luxury brands could offer streamed content at events that is exclusive to the show featuring the artists associated with the brand or the commercial for the show.

View the TV & Digital Video comScore Infographic for Digital TV anytime, anywhere: