Ten Ways For Brands To Create Multi-Image Campaigns With Layout From Instagram

Instagram introduced Layout, enabling brands to capture multiple images from the Camera with tools that allow for creating a collage of images with an easy function to zoom in or pull the sides of images to reduce the size to fit images in a custom layout. The preview of the layout opens automatically in the app with images allowing the user to choose the custom layout. The app offers a unique feature call Photo Booth that lets you capture images real-time and post them to the Instagram account. You can also create cool arrangements and add mirror effects.










Tell A Brand Story With Images

Victoria’s Secret has used the app to create an endearing visual story for National Puppy Day with a caption that resonates with an audience with a messaging reinforcing the post idea of cuteness and endearment.

Asides from creating powerful emotional messaging Brands can reinforce a product feature or a benefit with Visual collages created with an easy to use App.


Step by Step Guide

Use images to create a step by step guide for the most sought after products or features of the product. Brands could use the feature to showcase user experience for a product or how-to guide for customer education. The step by step guide creation helps users overcome apprehensions about a new product.

“Did you know that you can also contour your LIPS? Here is a step by step guide for you on how I do my lips to create a naturally fuller look. I used Lancôme Le Lipstick to line, and Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment on top to blend and smoothen. Another tip: Start with a dab of concealer and powder on the lips to make the edges look cleaner and your lipstick last longer 👍. xo ~ @DressYourFace


Share Tips And Ideas for the most common customer queries

Customers for your brand have the same questions about your brand then layout can be an effective tool for answering your customer queries with a detailed post that provides a detailed review of how to handle a situation or answer a question for your customers.


Create a Themed Messaging

Brands can use a Collage of images to further a campaign idea or create a themed messaging where the images endorse the message successfully. The app allows for real-time events to be captured with a set of images that help you further your brand message during the event.



Brand Endorsement

Endorse brands or products within a contextual setting of the post as can be seen from a @RedBull post with a reference to @adidasoutdoor, that automatically directs the users to the sportswear Instagram account to find out more about the range of products offered by the endorsed account.


Ad Recall

Brands can effectively choose from the 16 layout samples to create a brand or an ad recall with the Instagram followers for the brand. Feature your most engaged consumers with product or an app and create an appealing visual layout to remind your followers about a product feature or an app.

Product Launch

To announce the launch of your new product, create the format that works for your product the best by creating a visual collage and showcasing the moments that are likely to create an emotional bond with your brand. For instance if your sales strategy centers around the key stages of the life of the customer, then capturing moments that are life-changing can help you create a connect for your brand with users in different stages of life.





Brand Contests

Use images creatively to announce a giveaway or a Contest.

Seasonal Offers

Make use of your special offers by capturing alluring images of your products in an appealing layout.


Showcase Events With Images Featuring Users Or Celebrities

Use images captured at an event  for real-time marketing  to make your campaigns more credible. If your strategy centers around sponsoring live events then you could showcase user groups that are most likely to associate with your brand.