HangIt App For Campaigns Offers Contextual Targeting


With marketers seeking greater personalization for mobile campaigns, in-app advertising has proven effective in creating a newer experience for app users with push-notifications and campaigns that are based on user actions. While behavior targeting, takes into account 360 view of the user’s profile and customizes campaign targeted at users along the buyer journey, push-notifications are not location-targeted. With Hangit, brand marketers  have a complete flexibility in targeting users at scale, based on location and time regardless  of the device and platform with the unique contextual targeting automation.  Hangit is unique as it targets users in a specific Context making the marketing message more relevant.

HangIt’s proposition is ideally suited for app marketers looking at re-engaging audiences with seamless integration of mobile SDK, which can be integrated in a day, with an easy-to-use Campaign Portal, enabling organizations to ‘hang’ marketing or messages anywhere to be delivered to smartphone users at that target location.

HangIt’s unique targeting feature – Contextual Targeting Automation™ – identifies key points in the customer journey such as “leaving home for work,” “on the train home” or “parking at my competitors location” and enables immediate customer notification based on context – even when the app is closed. HangIt targets audiences with a relevant framework creating suitable opportunities for  enabling highly valuable  “glanceable moments” and highly targeted and valuable interactions.

According to a Press Release, the HangIt platform launched in Georgetown, Washington D.C. with more than twenty-five local retailers and restaurant customers, during which HangIt delivered over 10,000 messages and drove new traffic to all of the merchants.

Later this year, apps using HangIt will have a new opportunity to use location-based context to deliver contextual marketing across the network of participating apps on the HangIt Platform. This new revenue generating marketing, which can take the form of app download and engagement messages, offers and advertisements, tips, or news, will always focus on delighting end users with contextually relevant messages that enhance the mobile experience.  The Platform enables mobile marketers to track and log multiple marketing campaigns, measure effectiveness, intercept and convert consumers and prove offer redemption.

According to Steven Gal, HangIt’s CEO, “It is the industry’s worst kept secret that display advertising doesn’t work well on mobile. App publishers are spending a small fortune on getting downloaded and then don’t have an effective way to engage and monetize customers unless the app is opened.  HangIt creates a great experience for the app customer, who gets relevant information when and where they need it simply by glancing at their phone, and a new way for app publishers to positively engage and monetize customers regardless of whether they open the app.”



Given that one of the challenges faced by App marketers is that users do not engage with the app after the download and the install stage. HangIt allows App Marketers to increase engagement with the App post install stage without the user being required to open the App.

A similar contextual targeting approach has been used by retailers to create a seamless omni-channel experience by retailers to reduce Cart abandonment at checkout stages by offering app features that allow users to find products easily within the app or compare price.

The advantage of Context based targeting is that it does not require users to search beyond the message served in Context.