With Periscope Brands Can Now Be Broadcasters

PeriscopeMobile First Strategy for Brands is more than a buzzword with brands seeing measurable results in the Brand Metrics. The Reach for Digital video on Mobile has been increasing with more than 164 Million Americans using an App/Web on Smartphones. Periscope with the positioning of “It’s worth it – We promise” has been termed as a Game-Changer, unleashing a trend where Brands and publishers are real-time promoting on Twitter the Live Streams to engage audiences with the new App.

Brands relying on Native Video Content will find Periscope inevitable for their Campaigns as it provides a unique way of connecting with the audiences live with Video Content. It has created a new “Engagement Paradigm” where Brands can now broadcast live events and create Digitally Branded Properties to connect with the audiences anytime and anywhere. This will be a step-up as Brands can now move from being publishers to being broadcasters!

The Live Streaming phenomenon on Periscope is more than creating content that will improve Brand Affinity by bringing in new followers, but a way of connecting audiences with your video content to engage them with a context with content of preference. As it allows users to save parts of the stream, Publishers and broadcasters can use crowd-sourced content at scale to create effective Native Video Advertising.

The engagement for Live Video is known to be higher than Video On Demand and share of video viewing on Smartphones in Dec 2014 was  as high as 38 percent.


Here are some ways Brands and Publishers are using Periscope.


Ten Ways For Brands To Engage Audiences Using Periscope

Create a Unique Hashtag to capture Live Stream from Audiences at a predetermined time and invite audiences to join in the broadcast of your Live Stream.


Create a contest with Twitter engagement and feature the winners in Live Stream. Use Features within the app to highlight the winners.

Create Live Stream where brand followers prominently feature the product, by with  using it in the Live Stream or showing any skill by engaging with it as seen in GoPro video content.

Sponsor a Live Stream with Your Logo appearing prominently in Live Stream and create buzz for the same on Twitter.

Create a Proprietary Branded Show for your brand, with behind the scenes, interviews and the whole works that go with a TV Show.

Create Branded Content Genres within your Live Stream and let users know of the Live Streaming event within the Genre. This will work in the event category where users have diversified tastes e.g. In Music category streams you could have Rock, Country, Classic, Pop Rock.

Use Sponsorship to engage audiences live. Brands could use Sponsorship to Live Stream the Band Performance for a tour and display the logo prominently through the live screening.

Use events to showcase use cases as seen for Product Unveils, Launches and “How-To Videos”  where the users can view the events live. Encourage audiences to ask question within the live streaming.

Periscope will also work for showcasing use cases for other apps. If your App has more than one use case you could create a live stream where the users are taken through different use cases such as using app for locating products and redeeming rewards with a Q&A session.

Create Live Stream for Messaging where Brands can live stream events engaging audiences with Issues that are linked to environment and sustainability, that GE does very effectively with GE Reports.