Creative Combinations that Work


Toggling is the new norm in mobile browsing and compelling creative with relevant messaging as well as sequencing of creative has become even more imperative while planning you campaigns.

Facebook is present through the customer journey as can be seen for 201 visits analyzed for a purchase of the phone. The engagement through the customer journey emanates from Facebook requiring Brands to be consistent with their presence and messaging for campaign optimization.

Brands looking at optimizing creative for their campaigns for different Brand objectives and performance metrics, need to look at the research shared by Facebook from a study done by Nielsen. Nielsen analysed data from 173 of their BrandEffect studies that included digital video ads on Facebook. Each study used a test-and-control design to measure the video’s impact on three ad campaign metrics: ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration.



Ad recall

A test run by an advertiser on Facebook comparing three sequencing strategies in Nov 2014, held over two four-day phases across both desktop and mobile News Feed in the US, helped arrive at an approach that seems to work best for combining creative while advertising on Facebook.

Each group was targeted with a single ad, either video or static (link ad), during each phase:

Video ad followed by static ad (photo is the same as the thumbnail of the video)
Static ad followed by video ad (same ads as previous group but different order)
Sequenced series of 2 static ads (first photo is the same as other groups)
A separate control group was set up that did not see any ads from this advertiser. To determine the impact, Facebook measured differences in consumer conversions by each sequencing strategy.

The results were different for each strategy where a static ad followed by a Video ad was found to be most effective for online conversions.




Key Takeaways for Brand Marketers and Advertisers

Brands need to look at consumer behavior and map the customer journey for the category to arrive at the campaign creative so that it is relevant for the customer at that stage and targeting should be to achieve the goal. To create the best campaigns, all components of a campaign—including creative, target audience and bid type—must align to the same objective.

Short-form Video works the best in delivering on Brand-performance as the Metrics see the sharpest rise in the initial few seconds emphasizing the need to get your branding up-front.

Video works across all metrics though the execution or sequencing of creative can be determined depending on the overall campaign objective.

Video drives value through the duration though the rate of increase in different metrics goes down.

Marketers need to look at conversion lift from their campaigns for each stage of customer journey from the creative approach to arrive at the right sequencing strategy for the creative.


Source: Facebook