Content Marketing Tactics For Branded Content

Planning your content for the month of April need not be a challenge. Your Branded content and campaigns can be adapted to create engagement for the events that are likely to help you connect with your audience.

April Fools Day

Use your existing campaign and build in the April Fools day twist to it. Snickers has effectively showcased a prank in a shortform video with the same hashtag as the earlier campaign to keep the conversation going. you could start a new Hashtag and use an all new idea with a twist to generate interest as seen in the ThinkGeek example shared by Practical Ecommerce.

Brands can engage audiences with a list of fictitious products that can help entertain your audiences while creating a significant engagement.


In 2014, Thinkgeek’s April specials include the following.

Mr. Beard Machine. Pick and “grow” your favorite facial hair.
Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak Klingon. Learn to speak Klingon today; live conversation sessions with native speakers.
NERF Nuke. The NERF weapon to end all NERF wars.

You could even try to change your cover page with a name or a brandsite announcement with fictitious posts which makes audience believe that you have a new commercial or a product.

Another way to engage could be creating a stream of Pranks in video format or funny movie clips and sharing it with your fans.



Some of the content campaigns for Easter are already creating significant engagement with Social Media Posts and Video.
Cadbury World has shared posts showing handmade Easter eggs, creating significant appeal for the Chocolate world. The part that differentiates the visual content is the stress on handmade eggs with intensive decoration.

Hershey’s has posted an Easy to bake Pie.

Tactics that are being used by different categories to generate engagement are:

Craft/DIY – How-to articles for making anything from Easter baskets to plastic Easter egg bunnies.

Food & Publishing- Recipes and articles demonstrating how to make your own Easter candy.

Home & Decor – Publish an article like “10 Secrets for a Better Easter Egg Hunt” or “5 Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Easter.”

Apparel – Video that takes a historical look at Easter fashion for the last 100 years?

Books – An article reviewing the ten best Easter books for children.

Create a Contest for Easter. This could be a simple contest that is relatable and easy to do as shared by Target where users are required to compare two images in a video. Brands could ask audiences to choose their favorites from a choice of Easter goodies or create a virtual Egg hunt.


As seen for April Fools video, Snickers has created an Easter post with the campaign #EatASnickers.