March Madness Becomes Mobile Madness

Fanatics“Last NCAA tournament, mobile traffic never reached these levels for Fanatics even during the championship game, which Katz says typically has higher mobile traffic than any other game during the tournament”, Internet Retailer reported frenetic sales for the retailer online.

Fanatics, a billion-dollar online seller of licensed sports apparel, saw unreal sales during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

According to a report, Sixty-six percent of sales of team apparel for Kentucky, happened on Mobile Devices, compared to 56 percent for the same weekend last year. In Mobile Smartphones are the preferred purchase companion with 46 percent sales taking place on Smartphones.

Kentucky is not the only team that was a hit, sales for all teams topped 50 percent, compared to an average of 13 percent of Digital Sales coming from Mobile in 2014, pointing towards a trend that younger audiences are adopting Mobile Commerce faster. .

The E commerce sales are  abetted by omni-channel marketing approach with Mobile Commerce further propelled by Messaging and Dating Apps. The trend for Mobile shopping has been witnessed worldwide with an average of 40 percent 16-24 year old preferring to shop from their smartphones. The trend is more evident with as high as 47 percent of Facebook Messenger users also purchase products on mobile, according to Global Web Index report.


Fast Food and Pizza Companies launched campaigns around pizza ordering with 50 percent off offers and other perks such as exclusive lounges.

The remarkable offer from Domino’s was also rolled out on  Pebble and Android Wear smartwatch apps, Ford SYNC® AppLink system, and voice ordering with Dom as well as Samsung Smart TVs. While the real winner of the Tournament among the Food companies may be a guess, the campaigns are playing on the game tracker and highlights from the tournament.