TacoBell’s Contest For Breakfast Defectors Rolls-Out A New Mission


Taco Bell’s Breakfast Defectors campaign for the launch of new Biscuit Taco has a Mobile First strategy with campaign components such as shareable GIF’s and  contests on social media. To create a greater ad recall and brand association,  a follow-up to the advert, which has received a higher than average ad effectiveness rating, Taco bell has launched a contest asking users to “Caption the Image”. The intriguing image is from the ad which is set in a highly dystopian era ,challenging viewers to break away from routine and become breakfast defectors. In a world where happiness is eating the same breakfast, everybody wears the same drab clothing, and there is high security, two defiant teenagers risk it all and make a run for something better. According to the release, Taco Bell has launched a multi-channel marketing campaign empowering people to change their morning routine and “defect” to a new kind of breakfast at Taco Bell.

The contest site has four stages of contest. The first stage Defect is followed by Write and the remaining two missions Create and Hype are to be unlocked in the following weeks.
The contest page has links to GIFs from the campaign that are simple to share.




Key Takeaways

The contest is unique as it taps into a common aspiration and makes the target audience work toward a single-minded effort which flows from the overall creative approach of the film, using hashtags creatively to rally support from friends and family into the revolution of seeking a new kind of Breakfast. The compelling campaign idea is supported by a product that is disruptive and is communicated with equally disruptive images.

The contest is divided into four stages making for prolonged engagement with campaign and creating a better ad recall.

The contest caters to the appetite of mobile consumers who are also seeking entertainment from Digital content with shareable GIFs providing audience a break from the routine, true to the creative idea.

The contest taps into the creative spirit while promoting an approach that inspires you to connect with others, creating a digital surround for the brand.