Retail Apps on Apple Watch Allow Ordering for Deals Seen On Air and Track Deliveries On Your Wrist

applewatchApple Watch has taken the case for retail apps a step forward with a User Experience that allows viewing the best deals while on the move and ordering the same from your mobile device at a time best suited to you for shopping.

The nifty part about the watch app is a customer who uses the QVC app on her iPhone and who uses an Apple Watch can view Today’s Special Value and On Air products from QVC on the Apple Watch, including product details, ratings and other select content, without having to save the deal or add it to my favorites list. The deal for the product will be pushed to the iPhone for further exploration or to purchase. When the user switches on the phone, the notification for the deal on QVC app will be served for the user to decide on the purchase.

This makes the shopping experience seamless where the deals on TV can be viewed on the Watch and purchased from the phone, or in-store.

Users can find out about Today’s Special Value and On Air products on their watch, and then push those products to the Mobile devices app; that  automatically opens the QVC app and automatically displays the product page. The app functionality for QVC for the mobile apps on iPhones and iPad are different with different user interfaces.

According to Internet Retailer, QVC has already invested in the mobile app and therefore the cost of adding Apple Watch features are minimal as Apple Watchkit is available free. The retailer currently provides different user experiences on its iPad app that allows for live streaming of products as opposed to a company website that lets you see all products that are featured in TV On Air.

Retailers that are looking to enhance the consumer experience for Apple Watch Apps can see the path to purchase for the customer for the existing mobile buyer and design experience to overcome the current obstacles.

The Woolworth’s app in addition to providing information on the shopping locations, also lets customers track the delivery of the order.

“Swiping up from the Watch face reveals the Woolies Shop Glance that will show the nearest store including the location, walking and driving distance and opening hours,” Woolworths said.

“Shopping lists created in the Woolies Shop app can also be accessed via the Apple Watch app.


Lists are sorted by aisle order so customers can navigate the store like a pro and find everything they need quickly and easily. Items can be checked off as soon as they’re found so nothing is forgotten.”

The Woolies Shop app for the new Apple Watch works in tandem with the iPhone but can also be used by itself on the iPhone. It will be available from 24 April – the day the Apple Watch launches.

“The app has been months in the planning and we’ve been working with a team of very talented designers and developers from Bilue and Neoteny to create this exciting tool,” Woolworths digital marketing manager, Katrina Colpo, said.

Key Takeaways For App Marketers

Use the Watch App Experience to make the customer journey hassle-free by mapping products from the list and sorting them as far as possible as seen in the case of Woolworths.

Make the use of Images to create the interface user-friendly as seen for Instagram. This will make Apple Watch experience more appealing.


In case the frequency of use for your product is high the watch app experience can be personalized for the user by saving the few essential contacts and making those readily available.


Create a Map of the user experience on Mobile to find the activities that are pertinent for user engagement on the go and build the same into the watch experience. For example, A possible Facebook Watch experience could serve friend request notifications on the watch.