Four Awesome Ways To Promote With Vines In New Format

Vine has improved the video quality for short-form video that are now shared and viewed in larger formats, creating a richer experience for your brand fans and followers. The short-form video lets you tell your brands’ story in six seconds, allowing for a single-minded messaging for your brand that audiences can connect with.

Short-form Video is seen as the preferred format by the audiences and the advertisers like the looping feature of Vine that creates engagement with the looping feature that allows for repetitive viewing. Moreover, the  brands are able  to use creative and visual elements beyond the ad copy to get the campaign message across. Now the same is available in  a larger format allowing for 720p picture quality as opposed to 420p available earlier which allows for greater creative play in the short-form video format.


Here are Four ways to use Vine for Marketing in Six Seconds.

Create a teaser for your campaign or use Vine to reinforce your existing campaign messaging.

Use Vine to showcase product features or ideas that can be used to fix problems as seen for Lowe’s #lowesFixinsix.

Create a Video clip of your video content and use the same as fillers in your content marketing plan. GoPro uses Video Content on regular basis making short-form video integral to their marketing strategy.

Use Vine to communicate a celebratory message.