Mobile Video Campaigns Spur Purchase Intent

Mobile Campaigns for  retail are found to be engaging with 628 percent higher engagement than that for display campaigns  for the retail category, according to a report from Millennial Media where Retail is the leading spend vertical on Mobile. The Retail category increased Mobile advertising spend by 49 percent.

Mobile video


Post Click  action for most campaigns was site search though watch video was paired with Site Search 37 percent of the time for the Mobile campaigns and an app download was post click  action for 25 percent of all post click action.


The most common actions post click for retail  are Location and mCommerce where 53 percent audience are looking for location and 44 percent go for a mCommerce linked action as compared to Consumer goods category where 36 percent users are looking for social media linked action.

Time spent on  Mobile for retail category has been increasing over time with Mobile being the key point of interaction for online retail.  According to Mobile Marketing Association study , Mobile influences purchase intent 14 percent of the time for the retail vertical, while only 7 percent of retail sales are from Mobile devices.

“It’s clear that mobile is becoming an increasingly critical part of the marketing mix,” said Wanda Young, VP of Media and Digital Marketing, Walmart. According to a press release,  “It’s not only driving brand and campaign awareness, but also in-store foot traffic. We’re proud to be on the forefront of mobile marketing and are dedicated to working internally and with our peers in the industry to further explore the various ways in which mobile can help drive our business objectives forward” .


The growth in users for Mobile video is largely arising from 25-44 years user groups though 18-24 years are the most engaged users with 57 percent viewing Mobile Video.



Most common campaign goal for Mobile campaigns was Brand Awareness, with increased foot traffic being the most common goal for retail campaigns. At the same time different ad formats are better at delivering campaign goals depending on the category.

The Key findings from Mobile Marketing Association study are

  • Mobile audio, video and native all performed significantly better than display and were well worth their price premium, presenting an opportunity for increased campaign outlays.
  • Different ad formats had different types of impact. The display ad banner was a good awareness builder and reminder, keeping a brand salient. Audio, video and native had greater influence on brand perceptions and sales.
  • Location targeting (retargeting and proximity) significantly improved the performance of display advertising, driving important KPIs, including actual foot traffic.