Four Key Elements For Positioning Your App


Your brand is planning to go with a mobile centric or Mobile first strategy, and App is one of your key channels for acquisition and revenue, here are four key elements to create a positioning for your app which forges a unique connection with your audience which may differ from your Brand’s positioning. Apps have emerged as a standalone channel for Brands and being able to define a clear positioning for Apps can help with acquisition and marketing campaigns for your App.

Category Disruption Is your App changing a category convention. Are you offering any service or product that is currently not a standard in your category and creating a category first. Customization Category Paradox Define the key problems of your customers that your app is trying to resolve. You need to demonstrate the value of your benefit for customers in the app positioning statement and demonstrate the benefit by using words that will help you optimize your app for App Stores. Tinder  Mitigate Threats in Your Customers Lives Asides from offering convenience, what are the threats that your app is trying to mitigate in your customers lives. Are you offering any feature that will help them do something better or deliver benefits above the norm. The price comparison apps help users get reassured that they are getting the best value for their money thereby mitigating threat of paying more than they ought to. amazonTell Your Brand Story better Position your app to tell your brands story better. Facebook’s newest App Riff adds to the brand story of connecting with friends, in a better and more relatable manner with Video. videofriends