The Importance Of Mobile Creative

MobileeffectMobile creative is increasingly important as mobile campaigns are found to be more effective, with shoppers increasing using mobile InStore with a high incidence of both Mobile App and Browser usage. Nearly 22 percent of Shoppers access social networks on Smartphones while shopping InStores. The use of devices varies with Smartphones being the leading device that is used throughout the day, while Tablets are more popular for entertainment content.



Mobile Video Ads has been found to be the most engaging ad format with over 650 percent higher engagement for the retail category. Here are some foundations for a successful Video campaign shared by Millward Brown.

Entice and Intrigue – The story should entice the consumer to want to find out more about the story without telling the whole story.

Create an Emotional Connect – Tell the brand story to make consumers feel for your brand by engaging them with the characters in the story or any aspect that will make audiences feel for your product or brand.

Introduce an Interactive Layer – Interactive campaigns often create greater buzz for branded content as users want to share their interaction with the friends.

Use Video In A Cohesive manner – The idea here is to present your campaign to make users feel that it is to their taste.

Catch the Moment – Offer single branded messaging with a view to catch the users attention in the likely scenario that they are going to be interacting with the video.

The creative that has seen the best results for Display advertising is often seen to have the following components.

Persistent Branding – Branding is clear across screens making customers aware of the brand and the offer with a clear logo across all frames.

Short Form Messaging – Messaging is often shortened to two messages including the Tagline.

Offers with Value – Offers with Tangible value are often found to be more engaging.

Simple Bold Legible color palette – Use a color palette with high contrast to get the users attention.