Apple Watch Is One of The Top Ten Preferred Watches By The Teens


teenswatchAccording to a survey by Piper Jaffray, conducted with 6200 teenagers in Spring 2015, Apple Watch features as one of the top ten preferred watches.The purchase intent for the Watch is at 11 percent amongst the demographic where 66 percent own an iPhone and 64 percent own an iPad.

One of the most compelling reasons for teenagers keen on purchasing the Apple Watch is Messaging and Notifications with 64 percent stating it to be a reason above Apps and Brand. The key insight into the Teen behavior for watch app requires app developers to be able to create experiences that are shareworthy and present contextual offers.

The other trends dominating the sought after Teen Wallet are:

Teens increasingly prefer to shop online rather than in-store; however, they continue to prefer sites with physical locations over eTailers
Athletic-leisure, preppy, leggings and jogging pants are among the top teen fashion trends
Most preferred brands include Ralph Lauren, Nike, Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, Vineyard Vines, UGG Australia and Timberland
Michael Kors remains the most preferred handbag brand
MAC is the top preferred cosmetic brand among teen females across all income sets for the first time in the survey’s history
Teens who spend above-average on beauty prefer customer reviews over product selection as a top factor in online purchasing decisions.

Brands looking at creating an engaging experience for the younger audience will benefit from providing shareworthy experiences, as the research points that Teen focus has shifted from possession to shareworthy experiences given the importance of social networks in their lives.



Here is an infographic with the summary of survey findings.