Five Ways To Enhance Mobile For Better Brand Engagement


Mobile Marketing has significant influence in guiding the consumer decision at all stages of the consumer journey. The Mobile strategy for your brand needs to go from being a sales generator or acquisition and transactions led strategy to Engagement Led strategy where consumers perceive your Brand to be the one that is taking away the “Decision-making Stress”, according to a Forrester Research Analyst, Shar VanBoskirk.

Brands that are seen as offering value within a context on a consistent basis are often likely to be salient with the target while creating a long-term loyal user base. Marketing in the moment for Brands that are seen as the ones bringing valuable offers is likely to resonate better and create greater social media influence for the brand.

Planning a Mobile Strategy for your consumers requires obtaining a 360 view of the customer including the media habits and online shopping behavior over and above social media interactions.

Plan you Mobile Strategy with a Design First approach For Brand Discovery

Plan to offer your consumers a design that will reduce decision-making stress and at the same time offer valuable recommendations, contests, content and offers where your brand is seen as a digital companion in the decision-making process, that will help you forge long-lasting relationship. According to McKinsey Insights post “Digitizing the Consumer Decision Journey”, a good mobile experience enables Brands to be discovered by building a strategy based on interactions that are embedded in customer’s mobile and social metadata signals. Branding and designing the User Interface for Discovery for different devices requires a different approach. One of the critical questions you need to ask at this stage is what devices are most likely to be used and for what purpose. After mapping the use of device you can arrive at the user interface that offers the least stress option for consumers and at the same time allows mobile users to engage and share the story.

According to MobileCommerce Daily, ShopSavvy a deal finding App for Apple Watch allows for a fluid user interface and personalized experience.

Once users download the ShopSavvy Apple Watch app on their smartphone, they can set up customizable SmartAlerts to describe the kinds of deals and discounts they are looking for. This set-up includes specific products, brands or categories.

Via geolocation technology, users will receive Apple Watch notifications when the app has identified a special deal nearby. 

Create Compelling Customer Experience For Each Stage Of  Mobile Consumer Journey

To design a compelling experience for each stage requires expressly tailoring all interactions to the stage of consumer journey. Interactions for the audience have to be designed on Mobile that require single click navigation from awareness stage to advocacy stage.

Use Contests as A Way to Reward Audiences

Contests are an easy way to grab your audience’s attention on the go, while getting an engaged following on Mobile. Create contests for consumers targeted at different stages of buyer journey and design the mobile experience for each of the segments.


Create Content For Mobile Consumers For Engagement

Differentiate your content for Mobile users as the content that appeals to a user with short attention span is entirely different from the one that appeals to brand’s engaged users. Here are Five examples of brands that have used content to engage mobile audiences with content strategy that is targeted at mobile audiences.

Personalize Your Brand’s Mobile Campaigns

As important as it is to design the customer experience based on social media signals, it is equally important to target audiences with Personalized campaigns taking into account the location data for Mobile advertising.