Five Ways To Promote Your App This Summer

Planning your App’s summer campaign ahead and promoting the same on channels where your app is most likely to be discovered is going to keep your app ranking at the top this summer. With App Store being the most preferred place to search for apps, your App description and App Store Search Strategy should be optimized for Keywords that are likely to feature in your target audience’s search queries.


Optimize  Keywords For App Discovery

Optimize your app for relevant keywords. As suggested for App Store  optimization use keywords that your users are most likely to be searching for this summer.




Sensor Tower‘s a tool that lets you analyze the keywords for your app and predict the likelihood of your app ranking in the Top 10 charts for any of the keywords. With Sensor Tower’s App Store optimization tool you can, track daily category and keyword rankings for any app. You can also Search traffic score estimates and keyword difficulty ratings, helping you compare the Keywords for your App vis-a-vis, the competition. To arrive at the right keywords for your campaign it is important to look at keywords that are relevant and are going to get your app ranked higher. Difficulty score becomes important for ranking your app higher as it is inversely proportional to  the probability of the user finding your app above the competitor’s app. The third important factor is keyword traffic, however it is important to look at keyword traffic, with difficulty score in mind as though a keyword may generate traffic, however, the traffic may not be the one that you are most interested in making targeting less effective for your campaign.

To set up a priority for keywords, if you have two keywords with a similar Difficulty Score and Relevance, go for the one with higher Traffic Score. Keep in mind that you should evaluate your Traffic Score as the very last step of your keyword optimization.

 Sensor Tower’s Keyword Analysis for Facebook and Instagram







Optimize for Ranking With Seasonal Keywords

The keywords with the lowest Difficulty Score will be your best keywords to target, provided that they pass the relevance test above and have a Traffic Score higher than zero.

An example shared by Sensor Tower elaborates, if you have 3 keywords that are ranking in the top 10, with Difficulty Scores of 2.5, 2.0 and 3.0, the average will be 2.5. When you select new keywords, select ones that have a Difficulty Score of 2.5 or less.

As your app gets more downloads , you can start to target higher Difficulty Score keywords, but start small and focus on ranking as high as possible for lower competition keywords.

Optimize Your App’s  Title  and Description

Your App title can  help your App be discovered, therefore it is important to include the right Words and The Naming convention. Include the words that have direct relevance and differentiate your App.

Branding your App right can help you get it discovered in App stores.


Promote your App on Niche Websites

As reviews and mentions have a direct correlation with App installs, find a relevant niche blog or website to promote your app. If you have a Recipe App then you can target websites or blogs for Moms and similarly a Retail brand can use fashion bloggers to showcase the App experience.


Promote your App with Ads 

Promoting your app with ad units can help your app get discovered with seasonal offers and also re-engage app users for upselling or promoting new offers. If you are looking at leveraging social meta-data then mobile app install ads can help you target audiences similar to your existing users, or users of certain websites with remarketing options.

Targeting users during summer months can also help you bring in the best ROI with least CPI and CPLI, as seen from Fiksu’s data. The CPI index for summer is lower than that for peak advertising months indicating seasonality.