Snickers Builds on Humor and Personalizes Brand Campaign

Humor is seen as key for making your brand win on Social Media. The Snickers Campaign #EatASnickers launched for Super Bowl 2015 has extended the campaign with a new Creative  #What’sUpMarcia. The campaign taps into the positioning for the brand “Snickers Satisfies” while trying to depict humorous situations that can arise when people are hungry. Snickers while building a connect with Humor has personalized the campaign with a Meme generator.

In another Facebook post Snickers invited consumers to showcase their experience when they are hungry, with a chance to win USD 50,000 prize take over the YouTube home page of the brand for a day.

Snickers launched “#EataSnickers” before the game day for SuperBowl XLIX which has garnered over 14 Million Views on YouTube. The Campaign positions the brand for a complete meal that fills you up, moving it up from just a snack or a chocolate bar. In the teaser released earlier for the commercial, Trejo playing Marcia Brady is shown brushing each side of her hair 100 times. Part of the brand’s “You’re Not You When Your Hungry” campaign, the hysterical big game spot shows Trejo being enraged after being hit by Peter with a football. Trejo is ready to settle the score when mom gives her a Snickers. One bite and Marcia returns to being sweet and lovable.


Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers and Advertisers

Create a theme for your campaign that takes the brand positioning forward.

Make the campaign memorable by using a relatable context in the execution or characters in your Brand creative.

Use the campaign theme in your brand posts that remind the users of the campaign for better Ad Memorability.

Personalize the campaign with tools and content that can engage audiences on the networks and devices of choice.