Five Ways For Brands To Use Video Calling On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has introduced Video Calling and businesses can sign up for Facebook Messenger to promote brands and products, allowing for real-time conversations. Messaging apps are known to be the new form of Social Media and Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular Messaging Apps.

Facebook Messenger with a built-in camera, allows users to snap and shoot moments as they happen. With built-in tools users can add drawings or text to personalize your photos. Furthermore, the messenger now allows for a live video chat.

Brands could effectively use Facebook Messenger to promote with user-generated content as well as video themed events that allow for users to connect with friends and family to share special moments, with a real-time conversation. The biggest difference from other programs is  Video Calling feature offered that enables Brands to connect live on Video with Fans and Followers allowing for a real-time conversation and memorable moments that can be shared.

Five Ways Brands Could Use Facebook Messenger Video Calling Feature

Sponsor a Day: Brands could create an event that requires users to sign up for a Special Day Gift such as Happy Birthdays, where Brands will call the account mentioned. On the said day the audiences will receive a reward that is disclosed on the Facebook Messenger Call.

Brands can make it a contest where a select few get a chance to talk to their favorite stars on their Birthdays upon completing a certain action.

Brand Activation: An example for activation will be requiring users to demonstrate how they are going to use the product. Show us how you feel about our new Apple Watch , Share with us in a Video Call with your watch on your wrist.

Brand Experience: Create new Experience that allows for user participation with a link to the product such as #UpForWhatever Experiences from Bud Light. Allow for Video Calling that lets users share an experience with a product message or featuring the product in a call.

Social Shopping: Allow for users to pick their favorites from a collection, where audiences can choose from an assortment and make a choice during the call with their friends.

Contests and Live Shows: Brand Contests that require audiences to  take part in live events with a video call. Brands could host live quiz shows or hold hang-outs requiring audiences to share their views.