Best Practices For Brand Awareness Campaigns

Social Media Advertising offers advertisers a targeted demographic that can be defined with the targeting options available for each network to create awareness for the brand or a new launch. The Metrics that are used to measure are centered around consumer Interactions, click-through rates, engagement and the shares. For video posts the most popular metric of measurement is video views. However, with some brand awareness campaigns and videos going viral in a short span of time there is clearly a Cascade effect that can be linked to the “Buzz Factor” that is associated with the content. According to IPG Lab, the phenomenon of turning content associated with an event into “Content” that lives post the event provides a campaign the longevity that creates more interactions and enables Brand Discovery. Brand Awareness Advertising can in-effect fuel the Content Cascade Effect as seen for Nike “Winner Stays” Campaign during the World Cup 2014. Star Wars had an epic trailer release coupled with engaging content and a live event.

Star Wars Trailer Release with A Live Event

Here are three ways Star Wars was able to generate,  a one of a kind engagement that generated 88 Million views for a trailer.

Star Wars Mobilized Fans and Followers

Star Wars trailer was seeded across the web to create a unique cascading effect by creating excitement with its fans by sharing the updates prior to the trailer release.

Couple it with a Live event

Plan an event that coincides with a launch that can be viewed live and gets audiences to catch up with the favorite characters from the show to create a one-on-one engagement.

Create Buzz Post The Event

Create Buzz  coinciding with the launch with Merchandise that helps fans engage with your products even after the event is over. Soon after the release of the second trailer Twitter teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create the Star Wars emoji that struck a chord with the audience.


According to a research conducted by Nielsen for Facebook advertising, a question that was administered to measure awareness, asks respondents to answer if they were aware of the specific brand. Brand Awareness is  one of the components of Brand Lift Measurement that helps you ascertain the awareness for your brand with the audience in your targeted demographic.


Best Practices for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Here are some of the best practices shared by Spredfast for launching Brand Awareness campaigns using a Social Media channel.

• Keep your social network profiles complete and up to date. Many consumers will never visit your website. This is your chance to make a great first impression and communicate important information.
• Identify the usage patterns of your target audiences so you can focus on the channels they use most.
• Use plenty of relevant keywords in your descriptors and tags.
• Include images and links in your posts. Optimize based on network.
• Respond to anyone who takes the time to comment or engage with you.
• Ask for feedback often. Post open-ended questions on blog articles and social posts, and incorporate social polls on your website.
• Share user-generated and third-party content. Highlight your community and encourage them to be a part of your brand story.