Key Insights For Designing User Experience For The Smartwatch App

appwatchMobile mind shift has created newer opportunities for Marketers to respond to the glanceable moment offered by Smartwatch screen views.  According to research by Forrester, as high as 10 percent US respondents use a daily fitness tracker and as high as 45 percent are intrigued by the prospect of getting a Smartwatch.

A Smartwatch experience is seen by the users, as a step ahead of the Smartphones experience as the Smartwatch glanceable moments,  make it easier to access and personal than accessing the phone that is seen to be more cumbersome.

Urban Airship with Forrester has shared insights from research that can help you design your Smartwatch App Experience and chalk out your Brand’s Smartwatch App Engagement Strategy.

Recreate Mobile Use Case For Smartwatch experience with A Glanceable Moment in Mind
Glanceable moments offer a window of 3 seconds for engaging your customer. Thus designing a Smartwatch experience is different from a Mobile App Use Case. To get the Smartwatch experience right it has to be seen as how well it can help the user to do something that helps them do ” The Next thing”. It is based on the predictive behavior where the information pushed to the user is actionable in 3 seconds as opposed to 10 seconds to 30 seconds available for Mobile phone use case. Thus designing use case by giving timely notification makes the experience more meaningful in a glance. Starbucks App serves notification at the time of placing an order advising the user of the earned rewards. Apple Store App notifications can let you connect with reminders and updates on shipping deliveries.

Personalization and Predictive Behavior
Brand Messaging for “The Glanceable Moment” has to be personalized as the customer is seeking messages that serve needs at the moment depending on what customers preferences are. The personalization based on customer preferences requires intelligent notifications rooted in analytics. Amazon’s One click ordering has personalized the experience to cater to the user by allowing the user to confirm the order with a click.
Designing the Experience
Digital insights based on customer data requires  mapping the  customer journey with processes that are based on two-button touch-points. Designing Glanceable moments require experience design to be approached from a four-tiered engagement structure.
Move Beyond Responsive design To Personal Experience Led Design
Mobile is now a personal server and personalized push notifications  and alerts are event based enabling meaningful interaction for te audience in a Glance. Glanceable experience is seen as a way of delivering within a  “Personal Experience Eco-system”. The distinctive approach for the Smartwatch experience is  based on meeting the users requirement that is defined by the context. To catch up with the newest in the world of Sport the ESPN Watch app lets the user get up-to-the-minute sports news, scores, and video highlights with ESPN. With highlights and options to buy tickets for the next match  the ESPN Apple Smartwatch app offers a Personal Experience in a glance, creating engagement that moves beyond information.

Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers


Glanceable moments marketing requires understanding the need of the customer “in the moment”. Context and Relevance are key to designing your notifications.
Key data points are  preferences, Life-cycle automation, proximity, behavior and using system integration ability, to deliver personalized experience on the watch.
Customer is completely in control making it a must for brand marketers to create real-time personalized engagement with a single navigation click. Marketing is now about delivering Magical moments that are personally relevant over broadcast messaging with a “One Size Fits All” approach.
Using Location in context requires using profiles to create magic moments for your brand.
Look at ways that create interactions with your Brand as a welcome experience by delivering experiences in the customer journey that are seen as Un-intrusive by designing one touch “Wonder”moments.
 – Deliver Personalized Rewards.
 – Product Locators serving notification about products on the customers shopping list.
 – Directions, Maps and Personal reminders based on customers preferences.
 – Turn one Great Experience into Another with alerts that make customers feel rewarded.