Five Ways To Use Content For Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling with Content requires Brands to start a conversation with the targeted audience that helps them see the usefulness of the Brand in their lives and thereon engage audiences in an ongoing conversation. Brands that seek to evoke emotions with fans and followers, can use different types of content to tell the Brand Story. Brand Storytelling can be used to engage audiences at different stages of Consumer Journey right from brand discovery to post purchase or advocacy stage.

Five Ways To Create Content For Brand Storytelling 
Content Fillers For Ongoing Audience Engagement

Use Content Fillers on Social Media to keep the audience interest alive in your Brand or Campaign  by adapting content to be used as a filler to further your brand story. Snickers has used the strategy to keep the audiences engaged  with content that is adapted and optimized to keep users engaged, while taking forward the positioning of “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

Remind audiences about the positioning of the brand.


Create Video Content and Contests For Themed Engagement

Oreo has taken the idea of “Wonderfilled Moments” to tell the story with video clips that generate enthusiasm with the audience with #PlayWithOreo that directs users to a link with recipe.

Use Video Contests to engage users with a theme that establishes your brands’ support for a cause, that can be used to package your brand as a socially responsible brand by supporting a cause or promising benefits that generate positive association for the brand.

If you are looking at product centric campaigns then a series of simple quizzes that bring forth the product features can help you build your story.


Use Exclusive Product Shots and Visual Treatment 

Product  shots that are exclusive create  recall for your content. Another interesting way to approach the visual treatment is to see attributes that are closely associated with your brand and use those attributes to create a unique style for your posts.

Create a Branded Property

Create a branded property that users can relate with, for a type of content. An example below from Amazon for a service “Prime Now” delivers content that alerts consumers about a special time bound offer, in a context.

Over and above the special offers, it is a strong reminder of the brands positioning of bringing the best deals online. With a series of posts and interactions, brands can liven up the brand story.

Brands that rely on social media referrals can use posts that showcase consumer reviews or user-generated content to endorse the Brand Story. A simple compilation of Users with images in a video format can engage audiences making them feel part of the story while helping you achieve your campaign objective.

Photos, Video Clips and Animated GIF’s

Visuals are known to be more engaging. To be able to capture the sentiment of your audience with the visuals makes for campaigns that resonate with and engage your audiences. Starbucks post for “Spring” depicting a season of bloom, has engaged audiences above other posts.