Content Marketing Ideas To Bring Forth Your Brand

The power of storytelling has been proven effective in a business setting as shared  by Harvard Business Review research. A powerful story that  resonates with  target audience gets the audience’s attention and engages them as the characters in the story, encouraging them to identify and mimic behaviors even after the story has ended. Brands that audiences have an affinity for are likely to engage them in a similar manner, creating a deep bond that encourages the audience to feel part of the story.

Celebrations For Audience Engagement

Star Wars content strategy has created a digital buzz for the  release of the movie and the celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4, gives audiences another occasion to be part of the release of the new film with the trailer being viewed over 88 Million times. The  content associated with the release of trailer and live event  cascaded on social media with its engaging and interactive formats. The content buzz has created an ecosystem of brands looking at maximizing impact with Star Wars theme, where the Star Wars story provides a relatable context.

Create a Countdown for a celebration.

Use context as a way to generate interest. If the story resonates with your audience a context with the story in theme is likely to bring results.

May is a good month to bring forth your offers that  create a follow-through for your branded content for spring campaign. Brands that keep the engagement going with audience receive a better response to product updates and offers.

Mothers Day  

Brands promoting offers for Mothers Day on May 10  can post offers and content in an engaging format that lets audiences connect with a special bond. Here are some examples of Branded Content with offers and posts on Twitter and Facebook.




Outdoor Event Posts And offers

If you have an outdoor activity linked story, now is the time to make the most of it. Planning an outdoor event or celebrating a month as seen in the Walmart’s post for Bike Month makes for an engaging event linked story.

Create A Lookbook 

A Lookbook can help you showcase a certain collection of products ideal for the month with special offers on some products that are your best-sellers for the month.


Showcase User Generated Content

Encourage audiences to share images and create a collection of images that are linked to a theme  so that your audiences are part of the story that you are telling with images.