Digital Trends For Online Groceries and Five Ways To Boost Digital Engagement


According to  Global E-commerce and The New Retail survey by Nielsen, a poll carried out with  30000 online respondents in 60 countries to understand, digital technology’s impact on retail landscape, as high as a quarter of respondents are reported to be ordering Grocery Products online and 55 percent plan to use it in the future. Consumers are receptive to initiatives such as a Virtual Supermarket and Online Automatic subscription.

Retail Digital Initiatives that are enabling connected commerce are devised to make products available for a shopper journey  that makes products accessible anywhere. Some of the preferred formats for digital engagement are mobile coupons, lists and shopping apps, and in-store Wi-Fi availability. Use of online or mobile coupons is highest at 18 percent and mobile shopping lists at 15 percent followed by in-store wifi and QR code scans, among global respondents, with about two-thirds willing to use them in the future. Retail Loyalty App download is another form of engagement that scores with global respondents,with 63 percent respondents, willing to use it in future.

Five Ways To Boost Digital Engagement

Create a Video that gives an introduction to your range of products and post it on the brand’s Social Media Profile.

Post any ideas that are seen as delivering value that will be considered supreme by your audiences.

Behind the scenes video and images that make your brand or proposition unique can make your content more engaging. The post from Ben & Jerry’s features the “Flavor Gurus”, people behind the flavors of Ben & Jerry’s.

Use Special effects in your creative, to get your audience’s attention on the go.

Back To school is an excellent way to engage audiences, in the summer months, as the offers and ads start appearing in July. Content Marketing for your Back To School promotions can focus on ideas such as price-offs, Shopping guides, faster and easier shopping experience. In addition to social media campaign, Walmart posts unique Back To School offers with the hottest selling items in a blog post making it easier for users to search the offers.