Key Insights For Mobile Advertising

Mobbrand awarenessBrand Engagement Campaigns on Mobile are designed to increase the Brand favorability and generate higher purchase intent or consideration for your brand. The key metric for campaign success measurement is number of interactions and engagement.

According to MillwardBrown’s Ad Reaction study, Mobile advertising is seen to have increased brand performance on all metrics in comparison with the control group.

Brand Engagement Campaigns are used to re-engage existing fans, followers and the target audience. According to the Ad Reaction study findings from MillwardBrown, Audiences expect value from mobile advertising in exchange for their attention and engagement.

The Value exchange offered is a function of time the user is willing to spend, the usefulness of the ad and the willingness to see advertising from the brand again, that translates into the value offered by the brand’s Mobile advertising.



To create engagement on Mobile, it is important to adopt tactics that resonate with the target audience. Brands that are known to add value are usually the ones that are known to be “Meaningfully different and distinctive”. For advertising tactics that audiences value, brands need to create value by being useful, engaging and worth the time spent by users or the target audience.

Rewards create tangible value for the users and the audience, increasing the interaction with the brand leading to long-term relationship or loyal customers for the brand. The type of rewards and the predictability of receiving a reward as well as the choice of reward plays a signficant role.



Getting Your Mobile Engagement Right

Audiences appreciate Brands that value their relationship with them and provide rewards that are meaningful and timely and are not seen as a gimmick. Extend your existing rewards program with benefits for audiences with Mobile engagement advertising.

Audiences tune-out or avoid mobile advertising that forces an experience or demands their attention.  At the same time mobile engagement that resonates with the audience in their context creates an everlasting bond with the audience.

Consider what might be relevant or interesting to your audience and focus your attention on giving instead of taking.

Ensure that if the rewards are not tangible the value that your audiences perceive from the engagement weighs in for the time spent on your advert.

Value from an Ad Creative on Mobile can make up for lack of tangible rewards if audiences perceive the creative to be interesting, relevant and humorous in exchange for their Mobile time.

Do’s of Mobile advertising

Offer consistency. Audiences like to know when they are getting a reward. Offer users a reward that is flexible and has an element of choice.

Provide tangible rewards. Gift cards and coupons are the best. Extending your existing rewards program can help you bring greater engagement from your loyal customers.

Offer choice in ad exposure. When possible, let audiences select when they want to watch your ad.

Consider timing and placement. Wait for a natural break in browsing to serve the ad.

Serve audiences personally relevant ads.

Pair a reward with creative. Rewards are boosters that can break through the clutter.

Don’ts of Mobile advertising

Vary reward schedule, users appreciate predictability.

Serve a random ad. An irrelevant ad is a wasted impression.

Expect a reward to compensate for poor creative or low brand equity.

Consider a reward to be something that is currently free. Audiences don’t consider access to content or an ad free environment be a desirable reward.

Use intrusive formats unless context is highly relevant.

Bombard users with ads. Audiences are aware of the value of their time.