Mobile App Install and Engagement Ads On Facebook Now Available In Carousel Ad Format

MaiaMobile App Install Ads that are available to App advertisers on different networks are now available in a carousel format on Facebook. Facebook has earlier introduced carousel format for link ads also known as the Dynamic Product Ads,  that are available with Ads API, Power Editor and Ad Create tool on Facebook. The Carousel Ad Format allows you to showcase different products from a catalog or highlight different creative within a campaign.


With the interactive experience that Mobile App Install and Engagement Ads provide Carousel Ads can help App Advertisers engage audiences with the unique attributes for the brand or the app.

Carousel Ad Format for Link Ads also offers Carousel format insights that has helped advertisers optimize images based on engagement has increased click-through rates by 12 percent. Certain advertisers have seen up to  3X more conversions and 85 percent better click-through rates with Facebook Carousel Link Ads.

Carouselads“Using the carousel format to promote its app, foodpanda increased click-through rates by 180% and reduced their cost per impression by 39%”.

Mobile App Install and Engagement ads in the carousel format are available now through the ads API, according to Facebook For Business update. Advertisers that have tested carousel link ads have found that including more images in the carousel ad format has improved the campaign performance with 30-50 percent lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30 percent lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads.

Mobile App Install and Engagement Ads support up to five images with links in the carousel format and can be used for both brand awareness and response driven campaigns.

Steps For Effective Mobile App Install and Engagement Carousel Ads

Start with your Campaign objective. In case you are looking at an Awareness Campaign for your App, you can highlight screen shots that help audiences become aware of the core features of your app. This can be done with screenshots that  communicate your core value or marketing proposition. For engagement campaigns start with your best sellers or more popular products.

Create an appeal for your App with the visuals that are attractive and will make audience want to know more about your app. Since you have more than one image it may work well to  use contrast in images or screen to make your campaign creative stand-out in the users feed.

As for all campaigns make your brand logo visible across all images for greater message association and recall.

Create an image that has a Tagline for your App. research has proven that recall for messages in News Feed is higher for Text messaging and the words that are from the associated network have greater recall.

Optimize your campaign with Carousel Campaign Insights for link ads or static Mobile App Install Ads by optimizing images and visuals that generate best engagement.