Digital Video Advertising Trends and Key Insights For Advertisers











Digital Advertising Spend in the US at USD 58.6 Billion is being led  by the Retail Category, accounting for 22 percent of the Total Digital advertising spend, followed by Automotive, Financial Services, Telecom and CPG, according to an eMarketer report.


For the retail category, Mobile is the largest advertising platform with Retail Mobile Ad Spending at USD 6.6 Billion and online video  accounts for 12 percent of the category ad spend.

For Retail, Mobile is known to have delivered results, according to a study shared by Mobile Marketing Association, for Walmart where 14 percent of change in overall shopping intent was attributable to Mobile advertising.


Key Insights For Video and Mobile Advertising

Brand Awareness: According to a study shared by IAB, based on Millward Brown research, a comparison for ad placements for video where the three placements (Pre-roll, in-banner and in-text) were tested, it was found that:

Across all three placements, the retailer’s advertising was memorable.

Pre-roll performed well at upper funnel attributes such as unaided brand awareness and online ad awareness.

In-banner and in-text placements were clearly more successful at positively impacting lower funnel metrics and persuasion measures.

If you are looking at a brand awareness campaign, a short-form video in a pre-roll format is likely to bring in results in comparison to in-text or in-banner placement. If your campaign goal is engagement or increasing brand preference then an In-banner and In-text i.e. Native ad format will get better results.

Response Driven Advertising : A campaign that is designed to get maximum impact for your summer promotion is likely to bring in greater in-store visits with an in-text video advertising, as the store visitation intent is highest for in-text video advertising. In-Banner and In-text video advertisement overindex for Tagline association and Online Ad Awareness, as well.


Brand Performance :  Video Campaigns that are placed pre-roll with different advertising length differ in performance for engagement, brand association and persuasion. While the five second format works well for Brand association, it significantly underperforms for engagement. If you are looking at campaigns for brand building where you want to engage audiences with your brand story, then the deal ad length would be 15 or 30 secs. Although a 5 Sec format is likely to work well as a filler in sequencing your creative.





Banner Sizes : Banner Size increases Ad Impact, and the banner size  in a vertical format increased brand impact by 2.5 times as shared by Mobile Marketing Association research for AT&T campaign.



Infographic on Video Marketing