Summer Scoops For Fan Engagement and Key Insights For Increasing Organic Reach

Brands that are in the conversation set of the audience are likely to generate greater fan engagement creating content cascade, with the conversation being shared across networks and at the same time increasing the organic reach on Facebook, as users are more likely to see posts from the brand pages that they like and interact with.

Engage Audiences In a Conversation With Content and Keywords That Are Likely To be Trending

Fan engagement with declining Facebook reach can be a challenge. However, here are a few examples of Facebook posts that have engaged the fans, at the same time creating brand resonance within a context.

Walgreens has promoted Red Nose Day with contests and posts to create awareness for the Red Nose Day USA, a star-studded fundraising event, while selling Red Noses for Charity contribution. A contest or a concept that has an emotional appeal built into is likely to generate greater audience engagement.

NBC released a teaser for the  event on Facebook page, racking up nearly 2 Million views within one hour.

Snickers  has used a contextual theme and extended the creative idea of satisfaction with Snickers with the concept of Frozen satisfaction. The creative idea works promoting the right products for the summer months and has garnered extensive fan engagement.

The product post refreshes the connect with the Twitter Audience with relevant hashtags engaging audiences in a conversation that is pertinent for the context (in this case “Summer”).

 Use Familiar characters and settings for Brand Resonance

Target has created a Summer Fun post by bringing in Fun element for “Snoopy” with Peanuts and Gang and creative ways Target products can help you enjoy outdoor summer fun. Connecting and engaging audiences with an emotional appeal within a context, can gain more interactions from your fans. At the same time, use of characters and a familiar setting can help build resonance for your brand.

Connect With Audiences With Humorous and Entertaining Content

Use Humor to build the connect, make sure that you are entertaining while building humor in your content.

Keep your content pleasant and entertaining.

Quizzes and Contests Are More Engaging Content Types

Ask questions to keep your fans engaged, either with a theme that might be trending, as seen for #TheDress post or a simple quiz that piques the interest of the audience with factual content.

Contests are  a proven recipe for audience engagement. It gives brands the benefit of Fan’s Social graph encouraging audiences to share the contest and votes.

Evocative Content Can Help Build Audience Interest 

Create Content that will get noticed by your target audience, as it challenges the usual by creating posts and content that will be evocative.


A quick look at Infographic below will give insights into Increasing Facebook Organic Reach for your brand.

  1. Post at non-peak hours to get your post featured in the News Feed.
  2. Include Photos and Videos in your posts as they are assigned a greater weight.

  3. Keep Refreshing your creatives Time Decay decreases the likelihood of the post appearing in the News Feed.

  4. Sharing self-explanatory photos, and behind the scenes photos gets the best results.