Audience Insights From Twitter For Effective Brand Campaigns

Twitter has introduced Audience Insights for advertisers that can make your brand campaigns more effective with a deeper look at your audience profiles and at the same time help advertisers target campaigns with custom audiences by knowing who your best audiences are.

Twitter Audience Insights details the profile of audiences that can help you build more effective Buyer Personas making your campaigns resonate better, with  customized creative and messaging.


Six Ways For Brands To Use Audience Insights on Twitter


Improve your Brand Story Telling with Tweets that resonate better with your Target Audience

Based on interests of the target audience you can create ads that help you target audiences with visual elements that are likely to bring a better response rate. If your audiences are interested in  Comedy Movies, humorous tweets and content that is entertainment themed is likely to resonate better.

Visual elements such as images and video can be further refined with the use of messaging that reflects the buying style of your audiences. If your audiences are value conscious the theme for your creative may be different from the one that works for Premium Brands.

For real-time marketers, this is a boon making your Tweets more engaging with audiences who are more likely to respond to your Tweet.


Amplify Your Tweets with Audiences based on The Interests

Since you are aware of the interests of the audience you could use the same to amplify your messaging to the right audience. Tweets that engage your audiences can be amplified with Twitter’s advertising partners helping you reach audiences that are engaging with a certain type of Content Genre.

Twitter Partner Audiences is another way of reaching your audience within a context depending on their interests and purchase behaviors. With Audience Insights you will know the partners, that work best for your brand.

With Audience Insights you can identify the right brands to partner with to promote your brands, to reach their  followers.

Improve Target Audience Segmentation

With Audience Insights you can create buyer personas for audience segments that are likely to have similar buying styles, interests, and use the same mobile carrier and other attributes such as Income. For different buyer personas your messaging and creative can be customized for better conversion rate.

Create Campaigns Based on Purchase Behavior

Based on buying styles and last purchase, you can create campaigns that help you reach audiences at the right time. The last purchase could be a trigger for your creative, enabling you to target audiences, where audiences are more likely to be looking for your product.

Retarget Audiences With Campaigns and Offers Based On Buying Profiles

The buying style, income groups and engagement with specific type of content can help you improve offers for your audience creating engaging offers improving your retargeting campaign performance rates.

Build Brand Loyalty With Campaigns and Offers

Based on the audiences buying styles you can create offers linked to in-store purchase behavior. This could include creating offers and campaigns such as Treasure Hunt in-store or at event campaigns, that help your audiences engage with your Twitter Campaign on the Go.