Tactics For Engaging Audiences With Video Advertising

According to Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report, nearly 75 percent of video views on Facebook are from a Mobile device and nearly 53 percent of the views are generated from shares on networks. MMFV   Engaging audiences with Video requires Brands to create compelling video advertising and video content that resonates with the Target Audience to bring in results. Some of tactics that brands can use for brand advertising campaigns that help them achieve brand and ad recall are:

Use Native Video Placements

To create greater engagement go with Native Video Ad placements across networks as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook cater to different audiences. KFC has rejuvenated Col. Sanders a figure of authority on KFC as the original brand fan, with  new brand advertising where the Brand Spokesperson makes an energetic comeback after 21 years with video ads and contests on Twitter.

Identify The Key Performance Metric

Each of the networks has its own best practices and according to Facebook,  setting the objective for your video campaign as video_views will ensure your ads have the correct default conversion spec when your goal is to drive video views. The other best practices shared by Facebook require adjusting the bidding type to achieve your campaign objective of reach and frequency and optimizing for Video Views that will ensure better results than Video Plays.

Brand Storytelling Builds Resonance

Brand Campaigns that resonate with the Audience and are known to have gone viral have usually got the power to emotionally connect with the audience  within a relevant context. The shift is from wooing and wowing to creating the overwhelming effect that leads to an emotional evocation. Colonel Sanders’ speech on how things have changed over the years bonds the audience to a story emotionally, with an element of surprise. Brands can look at creating the effect with humorous take or building in action packed sequences. The emotional elements that can be used to generate viewer engagement and are seen to characterize Viral posts are amusing, surprising, heartwarming, inspiring and shocking.



Serial Storytelling Increases Engagement

Asides from campaign discovery abetted by the sharing phenomenon, serial storytelling, gets audiences to reengage with your campaigns turning followers into engaged users and brand advocates, as seen for McDonald’s Hamburglar. Twitter is an effective network to go with for creating series of linked stories that gets users to share and join the conversation.

https://twitter.com/McDonalds/status/604023643425869824 https://twitter.com/McDonalds/status/601799508138295296 Some of the best practices have been shared by Cison for native video advertising can be found here.