Live Streaming For Brands – Best Practices and Trends


Music, Celebratory events and Sports are the Content Genre that create the most audience engagement for Live streamed events. Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report , has shared statistics for viewers of live streamed events for Snapchat Stories where over 40 Million viewers engaged with Snapchat Stories over three days for a music event.


Advertisers and Brand Marketers planning to use Live streaming for promoting their brands or products can follow some of the Best Practices that can help them engage audiences with live streaming.

Create an event  pertaining to the Content genre that is likely to engage audiences with live streaming.

Announce the event to engage fans prior to the event, as can be seen for Pepsi where the Content genre is Music and the event has been announced on Twitter.

User Generated Content is big and getting our audiences engaged with a user-generated contest, content curation or playlists creation can create a significant buzz for your events.

Archive the best moments from your Live Stream to YouTube for creating Video Content that audiences can engage with and can help you endorse your campaign.

Vertical orientation of your Live stream is critical as vertical screen viewing is on the rise. Remember while creating the vignettes and backdrop as well as any user interaction is increasingly taking place on vertical screens.