Five Ways Businesses Can Use Place Tips With Facebook Beacons

PlaceTipsFacebook is prioritizing Place Tips, a valuable page tool for Businesses, with Facebook Bluetooth Beacons that businesses in the US can sign up for, to connect with their customers.

Businesses can connect with existing and new customers by serving personalized messages to customers when they check-in with their Facebook App at a location.

To serve the customers better Place Tips allow businesses to interact with customers at a location with interesting tips and messaging that helps them find unique information at a location about the brand or the business.

Five Ways Businesses Can Use Place Tips


Customized Welcome Message

Write a Customized Welcome Message. If you have a specific promotion or  best sellers for a season you may want to highlight the same in your welcome message.

In case you have launched an App you can highlight the same for your new and existing customers.


Conversation Starters

Our guests are very active on social media and often reach out to us on Facebook. We see any additional way we can communicate with them, like Place Tips, as an added plus to developing a dialogue.” – Dominique Ansel, Chef, Dominque Ansel Bakery

Businesses that connect with audiences often start a conversation that helps them gain greater insight into what the audiences may be looking for. This helps businesses tune into the seasonal favorites. This can bring about more referrals for the business, As audiences that are active on Social Media tend to share rewarding experiences with their friends. To start a conversation with your audience you could ask audiences to pick their favorite color and offer suggestions based on the color.

Seasonal Offers and Discounts

Similar to promoted posts where businesses promote a post with an offer to a select audience, Place Tips helps businesses, brands or stores update posts that are visible to audiences who check-in to the business at a location.


Personalized Recommendations 

The Place Tips for each person are customized based on friend’s recommendations and likes, thus it provides businesses flexibility in making recommendations based on what the most popular choice for a customer is likely to be depending on the actions of the customers’ social graph. This helps businesses pitch products based on predictive modelling depending on behavior based triggers. Place Tips can help businesses promote their product range based on interest and behavior targeting.

Upcoming Events

Businesses can effectively announced new events that are taking place by updating customers about the venue and specific location in-store.