Twitter Introduces App Category Targeting and Insights for App Categories

AppcategorytargetingTwitter has made it easier for App publishers to target audiences based on the App category that the targeted audiences are most likely to engage with in addition to keyword, location and language targeting already available.

Fom comScore research we know that majority of App time is spent on 4-5 leading apps, thereby making app category targeting important for new launches and app category targeting can lower the costs of acquisition campaigns. The challenge however remains in Twitters’ ability to determine the apps most used by the target audience for advertisers to reach the best audience i.e. most likely to install and use the app.

Twitter has added insights that can help you target specific categories and target audiences for app categories that yield the strongest install rates and lowest cost per install, and use this data to target high performing app categories in future campaigns.

Key Takeaways for App Advertisers

App Category Targeting for Mobile App Promotions can increase your reach with engaged users for a certain App Category.

App Category insights can help boost ROI of your campaign.

App Category Targeting can also be great for seasonal strategy where users are most likely  looking for best deals or release of new  offers and Apps.

Combining App Category Targeting with Audience Insights can help you identify offers that are best suited for your Target,

Releasing limited edition rewards can help increase App engagement with your  Target Audience.

Introducing native apps targeted at categories where audiences are looking for entertainment can help create better engagement and loyal users.