Key Insights For Retargeting Campaigns

According to a research report by IAB, based on a survey of 1000 US Marketers and 11000 US Advertisers’ retargeting campaigns on AdRoll, Retargeting has emerged as the breakout marketing tactic. The single most important campaign goal for marketers using remarketing as the key tactic is Brand awareness followed by  Engagement. Mobile is the key trend after Social Media impacting the Retargeting Campaign results.

  • 92 percent of marketers report retargeting performs equal to or better than search, 91 percent equal to or better than email, and 92 percent equal to or better than other display.
  • 71 percent of marketers spend 10-50 percent of their entire online ad budget on retargeting; up from 53 percent.
  • Social media is the single hottest topic in retargeting—mobile and cross-device retargeting comes in at #2.
  • Retargeting has expanded up the funnel. 70 percent of marketers use retargeting for brand awareness, 60 percent for social engagement, and 58 percent for customer retention.

Engage with Retargeting Creative That Resonates

Define the key customer takeaway. Determine the message you would like your audiences to walk away with. For Mobile the creative needs to be unobtrusive getting the message across in the quickest way possible, with images, bold fonts and clear messaging. The creative approach that is seen to work the best for retargeting, is simple that creates instant recall or has a humorous take on a situation.


Give an offer that gets noticed, the offer may not necessarily be of high monetary value to get noticed  but can be a conversation starter or at least makes users feel that the offer is worth the time spent on it. Customers seek value from the time spent on Mobile, either by way of rewards or entertainment.



A way to engage audiences is to present an assortment of your products to remind audiences of the choice that they have.


Unique Impression

Create a unique impression with your image or message that will get noticed in an instant. This creates brand memorability and serves as a reminder for the audience to connect with your brand. This could be based on iconic images or use of brand symbolism that makes audiences carry a single-minded impression.


Here are some tips and tricks that can help you create Digital Video Ad campaigns for retargeting that get the results. .

Determine the Content Genre and Ad Placement where you want your ad to be seen.

Live Streamed events get the maximum ad views for Digital Video advertising. Content genre and the length of the Video content has an impact on ad views,  duration of the ad view and ad view completion rates.Adviewsgenre



Focus your advertising in Long Form media with higher viewer ratings


According to a report by FreeWheel nearly 30 percent of video monetization comes from platforms other than Desktop and TV with Live Video Ad views growing at the fastest pace. Live video ad views remain the fastest growing category followed by long form. Live Video is most watched on OTT though Long Form Video content is viewed most by Desktop and Smartphone viewers, giving you maximum reach.





Identify the right events in each content category that will help you get the best views for your campaigns for each stage of the customer journey. The content categories that have seen triple digit advertising growth are the same as the ones where video ad view shares have grown the most too.




CPG is the leading advertising vertical for Digital Video in contrast to the other digital ad formats, primarily on account of brand building being the primary objective for online video. According to the FreeWheel report,   “This discrepancy highlights how advertisers view usage of premium video advertising differently from other formats; brand building tends to be the central focus for video advertising, while other formats are primarily used for lead generation and progressing consumers down the marketing funnel”.

Although Premium Online Video advertising  maybe key to brand building, social mobile video advertising can be an effective retargeting tactic.

Live Video Ad Views may prove to be effective for new launches and real-time marketing where marketing in the moment is critical for brand campaign success. However, for retargeting it is is important to consider Digital Pure Play where audiences are more likely to be at the consideration and trial stages and brands are more likely to see a purchase intent lift.


Retargeting With Program Syndication Calls For Fresher Creative Approach

Program Syndication is the rising trend where premium broadcasters are hosting content on other channels thus ad views are distributed outside MVPD apps. FreeWheel defines Video syndication  as viewing that occurs outside of a Publisher’s Owned and Operated properties. The phenomenon accounts for 11.5 percent of Programmer video ad views this quarter, as compared to 8 percent a year ago. With program syndication on the rise, creative approach needs to address the environment with a programmatic creative approach.