Five Ways To Optimize Your Ads and Campaigns on Facebook With New Tools


Facebook has rolled out changes in Ads Manager and Power Editor allowing advertisers to edit, create and optimize campaigns. To optimize and edit campaigns, Facebook has streamlined the ads manager layout that brings page insights right upfront, allowing advertisers to view the performance of the ad, while creating it. According to Facebook blog post, Ads Manager now has “a streamlined layout that brings performance metrics to the forefront of the tool. That means advertisers can quickly reference how their ads are performing in the same environment where they create and edit them”.

Ads Manager will also show you the performance of each ad set allowing you to view the performance of the campaign, ad set or an ad for an objective, audience or a metric. Power Editor on the other hand allows editing of ads and viewing campaign information. Plus, multiple ad selection helps advertisers edits ads, ad sets and campaigns faster, including the date range.

If you are planning a campaign focusing on generating website visits for a specific merchandise you will be able to view the performance of your best creative for the objective “conversions”, allowing you to view conversions for each creative and improve the same for the holiday or an event.

You can improve targeting by viewing the performance of your post and creating a custom audience for an ad set, ad or a campaign, by promoting the ad to audiences similar to the ones that have engaged with your posts or video posted on your website. You can also choose Target audiences based on online video viewers or GRPs with different audiences based on existing TV Campaigns i.e. TV Campaign performance. With the newly introduced tool you can view the performance of each ad set for the different target audience and choose the best performing creative,

Increase your App installs, with the best performing ad creative for getting the best result with different custom audiences. If you are an app publisher you can analyze your campaigns based on app installs to create winning global campaigns. One of the case studies, shared by Facebook, for Cleartrip – travel booking website, followed a two-part strategy allowing the advertiser to use a link ad in Mobile and Desktop News Feed for a Flash sale and followed it with Custom Audiences retargeting Website visitors generating up to 2.5X revenue for ad spend.

Facebook allows you to optimize App engagement by testing different calls to action including a creative variant with video or a photo. To choose the right creative you can view the performance of the creative and the CTA allowing you to choose the best performing CTA and Creative.