Facebook Introduces Mobile App Ads in Carousel Format and Rolls Out Desktop Video App Ads

The Carousel Format that was earlier available only for Link Ads and Dynamic Product Ads has now been extended to Mobile App Install and Engagement ads. Carousel ads are available in Power editor and through Facebook Marketing partners as well as the API.

Desktop Video App Ads

Facebook has also rolled out the Desktop Video App ads that were earlier in Beta, with Power editor, Ads Create Tool, API and Facebook Marketing partners enabled for the use of Desktop Video App creative.


In addition to providing a greater creative landscape, the Video App ads, provide advertisers a new way to promote their apps with compelling Call-To-Action buttons. One of the advertisers “Be A Football Manager used desktop app engagement ads and realized 300-400% ROI in their campaigns to bring back past payers”.

Five Ways To Use  App Ads on Desktop For Brand Campaigns

Promote your digital goods with a strong call-to-action.

Choose a suitable CTA from a host of options that are available such as  “Buy now”, “Get Offer”, “Watch video” or “Play Game”.


Introduce a Time Bound offer.

To reengage your target audience, introduce a time bound offer for only desktop app users with a contextual theme such as Back-To-School or a weekend offer on virtual goods.


Create Custom Audience for reengaging Desktop App users.

According to Facebook Developers, you can reengage Desktop App users for your campaign by choosing only the Desktop App users for your campaign.

” If you are running desktop app engagement ads (with or without a virtual good), you can choose to either upload a Custom Audience to target a specific set of your players or choose, under ‘Connections’, to target ‘Only people connected to My Desktop App’ to target all of your players.

Use App Engagement ads for Storytelling

To create an App engagement campaign you can showcase stories of your existing users where you can showcase winning moments for your product or app. For App users that are loyal to you on Desktop an App engagement campaign can go a long way in making them feel rewarded with special offers.

Extend Existing mobile campaigns to Desktop app ads

Extend your existing video campaign to desktop app ad that will appear in your users News Feed which you can link to your merchandise page.