Six Stellar Brand Advertising Tips For Video on Facebook

According to Social Bakers, Facebook reach is greater than any mainstream website with interest based targeting, making it the preferred media channel for brands looking at building affinity with sports fans and engaging fans for an event.

An endorsement and a making of video as well as showcasing some of the highlights from an event provide the right context for brands to engage viewers making their posts and ads with video more relatable.

While video Views maybe the key campaign objective that you are trying to achieve, Optimized CPM will help you get the best value for your campaigns as the bid is automatically placed giving priority to your campaign goal that may differ for each campaign.

Actions: Increase the number of actions (conversions) that happen as a result of the impression.
Reach: Increase the number of unique impressions throughout the day.
Clicks: Increase the number of clicks received.
Social Impressions: Increase the number of impressions with social context.

Create Brand resonance

Given the popularity of a character or a context any advertising showcased in a video for the subject may create the right buzz for your brand.

Brand Campaigns that resonate with the Audience have usually got the power to connect with the audience that stirs up the audience within a relevant context. The shift is from wooing and wowing to creating the overwhelming effect that leads to an “Awww” an expression for audience gasping in surprise. Brands can look at creating the effect with humorous take or building in action packed sequences or a simple walk down the memory lane.

Create offers that are specific to a shared interest of your fans for better engagement. Though fan engagement with Videos may be a secondary metric, however it may bring in great results for your campaign for conversions, sales and referrals.

Announce your deals and discounts for the holiday season with the best offer possible, and well in time.