Twitter Upgrades Audience Insights

personasTwitter has upgraded Audience Insights, giving brands greater ability to target the audiences based on their likelihood to convert and at the same time create campaigns that resonate with the targeted audience by understanding buyer personas. According to the Twitter Advertising blog, “advertisers can access key insights about the people they reach with ad campaigns and through tailored audiences. These aggregated insights, provided by Twitter data and Twitter Official Partners Datalogix and Acxiom, offer valuable information about user demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more”.

With Campaign Insights you can determine the audiences that have converted in the past and the reached audience or the audiences that engaged with your campaign, helping you target the engaged audiences with future campaigns for a better results. If you are planning a Cyber Monday campaign, a quick look at your campaign insights will reveal the audiences that engaged with your Cyber Monday campaign as compared to the ones who converted and can help you test offers for the Cyber Monday campaign that are likely to convert.

A comparison within the reached and engaged audiences group can help you customize messaging and visual treatment for the engaged users. Depending on their interests you can determine, if humor in campaigns works better with your audience or Music evokes a better response.

“You can also easily compare insights between your reached and engaged audiences. Your reached audience are users who are viewing your campaign; your engaged audience includes users who are actively engaging (replying, favoriting and Retweeting) with your ads.

If you have conversion tracking enabled, campaign insights will tell you more about the users who have converted in the past. You can even compare insights between your reached and converted audiences to identify new ways to connect with an audience that is most likely to convert”.

With Campaign Insights, you can shape up your response driven advertising for events and specific theme based targeting after seeing the offers that generated best response for the campaigns in each category.

With Tailored Audience Insights you can segment audiences based on their lifestyles and mobile carriers, enabling better targeting for your campaigns, ” For example, you can learn more about people who have visited your website, customers from your CRM database, or those who have taken certain actions within your app, such as an install, purchase or sign-up”.

Personas are currently available in the US and can help advertisers target audience based on Personas that are a derived set of audiences based on their interests and consumer behavior.

Source: Twitter Advertising