Launching Your Product With Facebook Native Video

Native Video is found to be more effective on Facebook for interactions and generating awareness and engagement, according to a study by SEJ. Native Video provides a broader reach and and up-to seven times more interactions with the targeted audience.
The results revealed that the brand community and audiences tend to prefer Native Video on Facebook as compared to third party videos that are posted on the Facebook. In addition to a greater reach Brand posts generate more interactions, likes, sharing and comments for Facebook Native Video.


Launching your Product or Brand with Facebook Native Video

If you are unveiling your brand or new product on Facebook, Native Video can help you build the brand awareness, helping you achieve your campaign goals.

Leverage On An Existing Branded Property
GoPro has used the existing branded property to create a native brand experience with a Productcentric Facebook Video Post. The video post has generated more than 500,000 views with the existing brand property “Video of the Day” that has an engaged brand following.

The change in News Feed algorithm now prioritizes video that users interact with the most and find engaging, making your existing branded property ideal for an increased reach with your targeted and engaged audiences.

The productcentric static post was a post with a link to the website that has product details. GoPro has created a seamless brand experience for engaged brand fans.


Share Video Content That Highlights Unique Features of the Product

Use native video to promote product features that highlight the shape or a unique product feature that sets you apart from the competition. The requirement is to create distinctive proposition, highlighting the uniqueness of your product.

Generate Engagement With The Shared Interests

In a similar form Samsung has used Native Video to generate engagement for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge by creating a series of posts targeted shared interests of the brand community that aim at educating and creating a unique experience for users. To know more about Tactics for Engaging audiences with Native Video, click here.


Update your Video to the about Section on Facebook

Add your Native Video to the About section and use the call to Action in the cover photo highlighting Watch Video in the option provided in the Cover Photo editor.


Use Influencer Marketing

Featuring your new launch with blogs and channels that are likely to be popular with your engaged audiences can help you achieve a greater reach and increase brand recall.




In a controlled experiment conducted by SEJ, Native Video Ads were found to perform better. The experiment was conducted with three Facebook Pages that have significant brand followers, with seven video uploads to each  page that accounted for 42 Facebook posts. To make the study free of any bias the test followed a rotation method that allowed for any bias caused by time of video upload.. According to SEJ,

“a schedule to upload both versions of the video on the same day of the week, at the same time, on the same account, with one week separating the updates, so having seen the video recently would not affect the study results. Additionally, half the updates started with native video uploads first, with the other half starting with YouTube video embeds first, just in case seeing it a week later impacted

Additionally, half the updates started with native video uploads first, with the other half starting with YouTube video embeds first, just in case seeing it a week later did impact someone’s decision to like or engage with the update”.

In a different study from Social Bakers, Facebook Video posts are seen to have higher average organic reach as compared to other posts. According to the study, with 27 percent of all videos being promoted, compared to 17 percent of photos – Video is more important in reaching the audience.  This implies that your business can increase  organic reach by 135 percent , on average, when you post a video instead of a photo.



To find out how you can use Facebook Video Advertising for your brand or business, click here.