Facebook Offers Incremental Reach With Younger Audience

TVweeklreachFor the younger audiences 18-34 years age group, Digital seems to be gaining ground over TV viewing with the time spent on digital devices on the rise.

According to a Nielsen report, digital devices, smartphones actually had the greatest weekly reach at over 167 million or 70 percent of all U.S.

In another study undertaken by Nielsen for Entertainment, TV and Gaming advertisers, Facebook advertising delivered an incremental reach of 20 percent  for the campaign with greater efficiency. According to Facebook Insights, “The study looked at 15 TV, film and console gaming campaigns that ran in the US across TV and Facebook. Findings indicate that entertainment marketers who use Facebook to complement TV can extend audience reach, improve efficiency and target key audiences, such as younger people, who are hard to reach through traditional media channels”.

Facebook Reaches Younger Audiences Who Are Light TV Viewers

Facebook delivered an average of 13.4 percent in Facebook-only reach for target audiences ages 18–24 and 9.4 percent for audiences ages 25–34. The data also showed that more than 1 in 3 (35.9 percent) of those reached on Facebook were light TV viewers.

Facebook Increases Campaign Efficiency

For the campaigns that were run by Entertainment, Gaming and TV advertisers, Facebook delivered high on-target impressions with 82.5 percent reaching the intended target audience.


Facebook Provided an Incremental Reach

Facebook campaigns helped advertisers reach an additional 10 Million people who were not available with TV Advertising alone, providing an incremental reach.